6 things to consider when planning a destination wedding

To all of you ?Future Mrs.?, a ?Congratulations? is in order. So now that the man has popped his question and the bride-to-be is going forward with planning, there?s so much to do! Time is ticking until the knot is tied. A destination wedding might be something you have always thought of. However, there are a lot of things to be aware of.

Planning Your Destination Wedding

Here are 6 things you should consider to have the destination wedding of your dreams.

1. The Location

destination wedding on the beach

You can?t have a wedding without picking a location! If you?re thinking of having a destination wedding, then ?destination? could mean a few things. It could mean you want your wedding to take place five hours away at your favorite beach. It could also mean you want to fly over seas to a nice resort. Either way, the best destinations to have your wedding aren?t right around the corner.

Because your location will be farther away, you need to keep in mind that when you?re planning you?ll be making calls to the venue rather than driving there to see it in person. Give yourself a few options and then narrow it down. Ask yourself questions like ?How far do I want my guests to travel?? and ?What did I fall in love with about this location?? to help you make the final decision. You can have the sand between your toes on a Hawaiian island or a giant castle in Europe as the ?wow? factor for your romantic ceremony. Dream big! It?s all about picking the right location.

2. The Guest List

Think about how many people you want at your wedding. Destination weddings usually have a lower numbered guest list due to the travel. It can also get expensive for guests when they pay for their own travel and accommodations, which is the reason why less people will attend. Most weddings like this have just a small number of family and friends, which keeps it pretty intimate. This can give the wedding a more relaxed feel, meaning less stress for the bride!

3. The Travel Items

wedding on beach bride

You will need to break out your inner minimalist when it comes to what you bring to your wedding. Most destination weddings are celebrated over multiple days, and you know you?ll end up packing a bigger suitcase. It?s a good idea to skip the DIY wedding decorations and leave it up to the wedding venue to give your ceremony some glam. The mother of the bride can travel with the wedding dress to ensure the groom doesn?t sneak a peak. Did you want your dog to be the ring bearer? Then you?ll need to make sure the flight allows pets before your book your plane ticket. The little details will come together at the wedding, but you should definitely leave the big stuff at home.

4. The Budget

What are you expecting to pay for? No, you don?t have to pay for the travel and accommodations for your guests, but if it?s in the budget you can make that offer. Typically the bride and groom pay for venue, the d?cor, and the food and drinks. If your wedding is at a location your guests can drive to, consider the gas and toll expenses they will have to pay. Don?t let the budget overwhelm you, and stick with what?s important. This will make it easier on the planning side, where the time and money is at the minimum level. You can use budgeting tips to plan your wedding and definitely cut down some of the cost.

5. The Invitations and RSVPs

beach wedding

Inviting guests to a destination wedding is more complicated than sending out invitations to a wedding in your hometown. There?s a lot of invitation etiquette you might not have thought about. You will need to send out the ?Save the Dates? early enough to allow your guests to schedule their travel arrangements. They are usually sent 6-8 months before the wedding. Flights typically cost more when they are booked closer to the date. Save your guests money by sending out invitations earlier.

The RSVPs give you confirmation on who will attend your wedding. Give your guests a strict reply date, so you have time to plan accordingly. The more details you announce on your save the dates, invitations, and RSVPs, the better understanding your guests will have. This part of planning a destination wedding is all about the timing.

6. The Weather

Always, always, always have a back up plan! You can plan the perfect wedding, with the perfect location, but if a tropical storm decides to blow through your big day, you?re going to wish you had a back up plan. Beaches aren?t so beautiful in the rain. When you plan your wedding with the venue, make sure you come up with an indoor plan. You can?t control the weather, and that?s okay! You can still have a gorgeous destination wedding, and they say rain on the wedding day means good luck!

Don?t let the stress and expenses of a destination wedding scare you away from having the wedding you?ve always wanted. Keep your plans organized, and keep your guests informed. If you want a wedding on the beach then go for it girl! Say ?I Do? at the destination of your dreams.

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    Lovely tips. Really great place too. Cool resorts and hotels perfect for weddings and honeymoons.

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    Great post, for me as I am a stationery designer I would say the inviation is one of the most important parts. It sets the tone for the wedding, for a beach wedding I find my Message in a bottle invitations are the most popular, they are stunning.


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