Our breakfast at Homestead Restaurant left us in good spirits as we headed to Hopewell Rocks, what we ultimately had travelled over 1500km to see. We made it in time for low tide (check online for times if you go) and it was one of the most amazing experiences. Here is the rest of our list of stops (Check out the first part?of our Weekend in New Brunswick)?that we think are worth your while in New Brunswick:

Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site

Hopewell Rocks Ocean Tidal Exploration Site?is only about a 30 minute?drive from Moncton and while there is an entrance fee, it is reasonable and?allows you access for two days in order to see both high and low tides, walk the trails or visit their beaches.


hopewell rocks high tide large pichopewell rocks low tide large pic

The?Flowering Pot Rocks (seen above) were about a 1km walk from the start of the site. Throughout this walk, there were various well-marked lookout points?to stop at and take in the view. The water had receded completely from when we had gone the evening before and at every lookout?there was?dry land where there was once many feet of water. The guide at the?stairs?down to the ocean floor said the water level can reach up to 14?m at high tide!

yingyang hopewell rocks

We walked down to the bottom of the Flowering Pot Rocks and around the excavation site and marvelled at the complete transformation of the area from just a short time ago. Such large quantities of water evacuating from such a large area was almost beyond comprehension. Visiting Hopewell rocks is not only recommended, but we feel it is a must-see site. If you get a chance, see the area at both high and low tides to get a true sense of appreciation?for this?phenomenon.

Sticky Buns from Kelly’s Bake Shop

sticky bun from NBKelly's Bake Shop NB

On our stop at the tourist centre at the beginning of our trip, we were told that we could find some truly amazing sticky buns in Alma.? Even though it required a half hour drive in the opposite direction of where we were travelling, we opted to make the trek to Kelly’s Bake Shop and see if it really was worth the star we?drew on our map. It was worth 5. The sticky buns were fresh and moist?with just the right amount of cinnamon. In addition to sticky buns, they had fresh pies, breads, cookies and other baked goods. We decided to buy some?savory?buns and they were a delicious treat for the drive back. We didn’t regret backtracking and we don’t think you’ll regret making this a stop on your trip.


The Acadian Coastal Drive

house on the beach in newbrunswick

We opted to drive up the coast and follow the Acadian Coastal Drive marked on our map. This took us along the coast of the Northumberland Strait and the Gulf of St. Lawrence and provided some incredible views.

barn house new brunswick

It was a breathtaking drive witnessing the coast and passing through small towns that are the very definition of East Coast charm. We only took this route as far as Miramichi before cutting across the province, but the drive runs all around the Eastern and Northern coast and is definitely on our list of things we’d do again. If you do happen to take a drive along this route, we would highly recommend having a meal at Seaside Grill in Rexton. We stopped here because it was the first restaurant we passed and we were hungry, but it was perfect timing. We had the best East Coast seafood of the entire trip.

ocean view new brunswick

We ended up heading out of New Brunswick on Sunday night making our?stay?in the province?only a weekend in length. Whether you have a significant amount of time to spend in New Brunswick, or you are just heading there for a long weekend like us, there is plenty to do and we think that our list?provides a great place to start planning.

Maybe New Brunswick is too far from where you live for a road trip. Comment below and let us know where your favourite road trip destination is from where you live!


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