Ah yes, One Modern Couple. The ?About Us?. Who are we? What do we offer? Why the heck should you care?

The Beginning – How We Met

It was in a crowded warehouse. Boxes piled high on either side of us. We were introduced at work and as we reached out to shake hands our eyes met. Carolann would like to say the rest is history, and perhaps it was. It didn?t take us long to realize we had a lot in common. After a few weeks, filled with daily chats at breaks and lunch, we started dating.

Just as quick as our romance began, so did the strengthening of our relationship. We moved in together shortly after and continued our daily 9-5 lives. We both knew that this was not what either of us wanted. Saving for a mortgage to buy a house, continuing the dreary upward climb within our companies, and creating that picture-perfect white-picket fence life was not for us.

Instead, we used the Budget Jar Method?and saved for those long-weekend trips, like when we took?A weekend in New Brunswick, those regular road trips we would make whenever we could,?10 tips for a long weekend road trip, and of course, those 2 weeks of vacation we anxiously awaited each year like when we went to?Melia resorts in Cuba.

The Plan

At first, there was no real plan. We knew we wanted to change our lifestyle. We wanted to find ways to make an income so that we could come and go as we please but we really didn?t have an idea of how to go about doing it. It wasn?t until Macrae started an interest in websites, buying and creating, researching and learning, that a plan started to slowly piece together. We bought and created other sites, a few travel-related, and learned from the back-end what went into it. We took courses and workshops, attended seminars and classes and soaked up as much information as we could.

We soon realized the potential we had in front of us. Here was the solution to our problem: we could work online from virtually anywhere, while sharing our stories & tips from around the world… provided there was internet.

And so, to make a long story short?

OneModernCouple.com was born.

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We started out thinking we?d be backpackers. In fact we learned our first, and probably last, lesson as backpackers while climbing the Great Wall. It didn?t take us long after that (in fact only a few days) to realize we just aren?t cut out for backpacking. That?s when we found out about things like Couchsurfing, Airbnb and housesitting.

At 30 something we?re looking for hot water, clean sheets, and a good night?s sleep after a day of exploration. We?re starting to feel the effect of cold in our bones and the heavy backpacks on our muscles and we?d rather not have a steady reminder of the pain-free 20?s that we?ve left in the rear-view mirror.

We?ve since been travelling the world and we?ve had quite the adventure doing so. We?ve ridden a scooter through 762 turns, up and down mountains, from Chiang Mai to Pai, and then found an incredible boutique hotel in Pai to sleep away our aches. We?ve stayed at one of the best spa and resorts in the Philippines and enjoyed ourselves at one of the top luxury hotels in Manila. We?ve rung in Chinese New Year with new friends in Taiwan, fulfilled lifelong dreams of finding elephants in Thailand, learned to scuba dive and tried some incredibly strange food we regret eating. We?ve also taken several road trips in Europe that left us anxious to see more.

Through it all we?ve learned some invaluable lessons ? one major life lesson learned as individuals and quite a few learned as a couple travelling together. We?ve also met incredible people, like Taro in Japan who travelled by bike for four years and we?ve learned about the travel lifestyle, about how much we miss, and yet don?t miss, being at home in Canada.

What we?ve realized is that we can travel in comfort and luxury, affordably.

City shot of Budapest, Hungary
crab legs and lobster claws

What We Aim To Do

What we are out to do is explore the world. We?re out to find those perfect locations and destinations and share them with you and show you how you too can travel on your own budget, be it on vacation or longer-term, comfortably and with a touch of luxury.

We want to provide an escape for those who want to see the world but can?t and give them a glimpse of all this crazy planet has to offer.

Most of all, we want to motivate others to find their passion in life, whatever it may be, grab hold with both hands and follow their dreams ? just like we did.



Burger aficionado, popcorn lover and avid tea drinker (when I?m not drinking coffee)?oh and world traveller!? I?ve dreamt of travelling the world since I was a young girl and while I was fortunate to be able to do a bit of travelling, I was never able to slake my wanderlust.

As a child, my family took regular long vacations to Florida. By twelve years of age that destination had switched to Las Vegas (at that time the city was family-friendly focused). So by the time I was in high school, I was used to taking regular trips but was left wanting more than just the same city each time.

From high school through university, travel slowed as my time was limited between studies, but I managed to travel to Europe twice, visiting Spain, Belgium, Germany and France and taking a quick day trip to Morocco. There were also a few more trips back to Florida and Vegas with family and friends.

Fast-forward to 2012, and the itch to travel had only gotten stronger. Luckily, I was in a relationship with someone who had even itchier feet than I did and so, we decided to change our lives, find a way to work online and start exploring this big, crazy world.

Since then, we?ve travelled full-time, visiting new countries, experiencing different cultures, tasting some incredible, and often shocking, foods and grown in more ways than we ever could have expected. This is the life I dreamed of as a child. Though we?re not rich in money, we?re incredibly rich in experiences and memories and at the end of the day, that?s what I?ll be counting my life?s worth in.

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Coffee connoisseur with perpetually itchy feet, it doesn?t take long in one place before?I have the urge to move again. More than anything it?s the desire to be challenged that keeps me going. Getting bored of things when I?m not is probably one of the reasons I love to travel ? the always changing environment means, almost certainly, a bunch of new and different challenges to navigate. It also means my desire to learn new things is fed regularly.

When I was younger, I had travelled many times to the United States, Cuba and Dominican and loved every minute of every trip. It wasn?t until 2011 however, that my true nomadic spirit was born while on a trip to Japan. It was my first introduction to a new culture far different and deeper than I?d ever known.

Since then, travel has been in my blood and once I had found someone I could share that passion with, it was only inevitable that I find a way to make it my career as well as my calling. Through our travels and online work, I?ve unearthed an unknown love for writing and a passion and talent for creating videos and taking photos.

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It?s gone on a lot farther than that though. I?m now finding a whole world of projects that interest me while we are on the go ? SEO, digital marketing and web & graphic design, along with everything else that runs a website behind the scenes.

This plan that started as a way to come and go as I please has turned into a passion and something I never could have imagined. Now, I could never imagine going back to the 9-5 grind.

Now that you know more about us, keep looking around the site and find out even more about where we’ve been and what we do!