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Maintaining a healthy diet while traveling challenges the most avid adventurers. You must graze upon what?s readily available, and if you?re between flights or own a plane, the challenge makes you feel like you?re on an episode of ?Survivor.? For those with dietary restrictions, it can risk your life.

Suddenly, a bag of baked chips costs the price of a fancy latte. You order a ?dollar? menu burger for breakfast ? sure, it?ll do, and you tell yourself you?ll make up for it by eating healthier later. Don?t wait for whenever that?ll be and prepare in advance with these airplane snacks and packing tips for every eater.

Fig and Fruit Bars

Bring fig and fruit bars along with you on the plane. What?s not love about a part-cookie, part-cake snack? There?s fruit in there, so it?s healthy.

You can find the prepacked fig and fruit bars in the granola bar area of the grocery store. You can also make your own and seal them in sandwich bags.

String Cheese

Want something the whole family will eat? Try string cheese as a simple peel-and-eat treat without any fuss or mess. You and your child can enjoy peeling apart each string, and this motion benefits developing motor skills in youngsters.

Purchase them individually-sealed to maintain optimal freshness, or vacuum seal each individually. If on a long flight, choose a hardier cheese to endure the hours. Keep this dairy item fresh in an insulating and cooling travel snack bag with other fruits and cold items.

Dried Fruits and Vegetable Slices

Dried fruit and vegetable chips satisfy cravings for crunchy snacks. Fruit and vegetables turn brown when plant tissue is exposed to oxygen ?? enzymes inside the chloroplasts quickly oxidize compounds in the fruit tissues. Dry fruits and vegetables slowly in a dehydrator or the oven at 200 degrees Fahrenheit until crisp.

Purchase small containers with airtight lids perfect for dipping sauces. Pack peanut butter, honey or whatever else you like.

vegetable tray an airplane snack ideas

Sliced Vegetable Straws for Dipping

Prefer dipping ?fries? over chips? Instead of dehydrating chips, simply slice up hardy vegetables into straws perfect for dipping, such as carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower. Don?t forget the sauces.

Go Nuts with Trail Mix

Choose nuts for their simplicity and protein count to tide your appetite over until the plane lands. Many campers and hikers use dried fruits and nuts to make their trail mix because these ingredients travel well and satiate various cravings while meeting nutritional needs. You can mix bananas, raisins and other nuts for an energy boost, or if you want big flavor, opt for Cajun spices the mix. Add dark chocolate nibs for sweetness.

Purchase ready-made trail mix at the store or online or make your own trail mix. A compostable bag with a zip lock makes this snack eco-friendly and fuss-free.

Squeezable Applesauce + Other Ideas

Squeezable applesauce is fantastic for traveling toddlers and families, but they?re also great for the professional with a strong inner child. You know what they say ? an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
It?s all in the perspective you take. You?re less likely to get your business suit messy when you squeeze an applesauce pouch as versus eating out of a plastic cup with a spoon.

With trial and error, make your own homemade and refillable pouches for applesauce and other ingredients, such as guacamole to squeeze on your chips. You can also seal peanut butter and other items this way. Open your airplane snack options with squeezable pouches, even if you feel a bit like a childish mad genius.


Jerky is a protein-rich, travel-friendly classic for meat lovers. It?s not only for the trail ? jerky is a nutritional snack on the plane, too. From smoky to spicy, it comes in many flavors and endures in individual packaging or together in its original packaging.

Tips For Packing Your Airplane Snacks

From fruit bars to jerky, these simple snacks will fit in a food-friendly, temperature-controlled bag that you can easily slip underneath your chair for a treat as you get hungry. You can satisfy your cravings and meet your dietary needs.

Place heavier items at the bottom of the bag and lighter, squeezable items on the top. It doesn?t take much to fill you up when you pack the right mix of healthy fats, sweets, carbs and protein. Bon voyage!



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Airplane snacks and packing tips

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