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Okinawa’s Dark Past

Okinawa is a Japanese paradise with its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water. But with a heavy American military presence, its war-torn past isn?t easy to forget and the many monuments and memorials stand testament to the Okinawan peoples? struggles throughout recent history. Not only was Okinawa the only part of Japan to […]

Top 5 Cafes In Northern Thailand

As coffee shops are often our go-to places to get some work done, we?ve spent our fair share of time in cafes, sitting in front of our laptops with a hot (usually?iced for Macrae)?cup of coffee in our hands. Thailand, like many countries we’ve visited, has a ridiculous number of coffee shops. It often leaves […]

Best Indian Food In Penang “Bite ‘N’ Eat Traditional Indian Food Restaurant”

  Butter chicken, tandoori and naan. Three of the most common dishes you’ll find?ordered and served in?Indian restaurants in the Western world.?Back home, we have been to numerous Indian restaurants and inevitably we, and those we are with, revert to the same?familiar foods with perhaps some kind of masala thrown in to feel adventurous.??During our […]