where to find the most beautiful sunsets

We’ve already shared some of?the best destinations?in the world to see the most beautiful sunsets?and some incredible places to see sunrises. Fellow travellers have shared places like Mongolia, Easter Island, El Salvador and Turkey. We ourselves had mentioned the spectacular sunset we witnessed while driving down the Keys in Florida, USA. But throughout our travels, we’ve been fortunate to behold many moving sunsets.

sunset on elephant mountain taipei

One of our other memorable sunsets was in Taipei, Taiwan. We were told about a viewpoint where locals go to watch the sunset and get one of the best views of the city.?What we weren’t told was that we would be hiking up a mountain, Elephant Mountain, in order to get there. Approximately 20 minutes of steep stair climbing and we reached the lookout. Though it wasn’t a horrible climb it was still tiring and completely worth it. an almost panoramic view of the city greeted us and as the sun started to dip, more and more people made the climb to join us. The brilliant?reds and oranges that the sky was soon painted with, and the fireball of light that moved slowly toward the horizon offered an incredible show with the ever-darkening contrast of the cityscape. It was a beautiful memory of one of our favourite cities.

While we were able to provide some incredible spots, the world is a large place, and who doesn’t want to see as many gorgeous sunsets in a lifetime as possible? With that in mind, here are more suggestions on where to find the most beautiful sunsets in the world!

Beautiful Sunset Destinations Around The World

Caye Caulker, Belize

By Randi & Michael of Just a Pack

beautiful belize sunset

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The motto on Caye Caulker, a small island off the northern coast of Belize, is ?Go Slow?. We spent two lazy weeks on this island paradise where the only transportation options are golf carts, pedal bikes, or your own two feet. Visitors and locals alike spend their days soaking in the sun, swimming, and sipping rum cocktails and Belkins at the most popular spot on the island called The Split, a waterway that divides the island in two parts.
The end of each day at The Split is bittersweet. The buzz and activities wind down as the sun sinks into the sea. Gloriously intense rays burst forth and transform the bright blue sky into hues of purple, indigo, red, pink, and orange.

Every day?s sunset is different and so special that they made it into our Top Ten Things to Do in Caye Caulker, Belize

St Georges Basin on the New South Wales South Coast of Australia

By Jen of The Trusted Traveller

St Georges Basin sunset

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Mick and I spent a long weekend in winter of 2014 exploring Jervis Bay and the?St George?s Basin?area on the?New South Wales?South Coast of Australia. It?s about a three hour drive south of Sydney and easily achievable for a long weekend.

One afternoon while out looking for kangaroos that come out at dusk to graze, we stumbled across this vacant block of land on Naval Parade in the tiny town of Erowal Bay. The sun was close to setting so we hopped out of the car and wandered down to the water?s edge. Perfectly placed on the edge of the water were two old logs carved out into seats.

We sat and took in one of the most beautiful views of the Basin we?d seen so far. We watched the sunset for around an hour enjoying the company of a pelican and his smaller bird friend sitting on the end of the wharf. It was the perfect end to the day and by far one of the highlights of our weekend.

Zadar, Croatia

By SJ & Mate of Chase The Donkey

Beautiful sunsets croatia

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It’s well known that Croatia is the home of the world’s best sunset. Well, that is at least according to Alfred Hitchcock, who in 1964 was staying in room 204 of the now closed Hotel Zagreb along the Riva in Zadar and claimed:

“The sunset of Zadar is the world?s most beautiful and incomparably better than in Key West, Florida.”

I have to say I completely agree with Alfred. Why I here you ask? Zadar is a beautiful, historic town on the north Dalmatian Coast. Just off the coast of Zadar are numerous islands which make up the Zadar archipelago which all play a part in producing the spectacular Zadar sunset. Every evening of the summer months, people flock to the Riva to bask in the orange glow as the sun descends into the horizon. The best place to watch the sunset is on the western end of the Zadar Riva at the Sea Organ. The Sea Organ is a unique installation which allows the movement of the sea to push air through 35 underwater pipes, popping up along the promenade, known as the Riva. The sound that the Sea Organ produces in enchanting and perfect for watching a sunset. Take a seat at the sea organ and watch as the sun dips below the islands and sea while listening to nature play the sea organ or if you prefer a more personal experience visit one of the villages around Zadar and find your own vantage point like us.

Deep Cove, Vancouver Island

By Shannon of Sole Seeking

Beautiful sunsets Vancouver Island

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There is a place in Deep Cove on southern Vancouver Island that provides a perfect spot for watching sunsets over the North Pacific Ocean.

I decided to cycle there and found myself in a race against the clock to arrive in time for the sun?s final showing. My thighs burned as I panted and pedalled frantically up a steep hill until I reached a modest patch of grass and bushes nestled above the water?s edge. From the comfort of a bench I watched the sun slowly sink into a melting pot of gold.

After the sun had streamed into the ocean, colours on the sky?s canvas morphed from soft caramel to pastel pink to a purple haze, oozing a soothing sense of peaceful warmth.

This place is special because it is off the tourist trail. I?ve watched sunsets in canyons of the United States and from hills over European cities, but all contained an element of commercial hype whereas this place is a humble haven where one can simply bask in serenity free from distraction.

In the media there is a lot of emphasis on having extras to make a `perfect? sunset, such as a glass of wine or some romantic music. This place is minimalistic in its accompanying features and just lets the view do the talking. It?s a place to come to in solitude in order to find inner peace, a place to share a secret with a best friend, and a place to whisper three magic words to a loved one.

Negombo, Sri Lanka

By Irina of Are You Happy Travel

Beautiful african sunsets

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One of the best sunsets seen in our travels was definitely in Negombo, Sri Lanka. Negombo is a hub for tourist coming to Sri Lanka when arriving or leaving for the airport due to its proximity to the International Airport in Colombo (closer than Colombo itself) as well as due to the liberal place with luxury hotels and wide beaches with plenty of private pools for the ones that want to experience more of the resort life. You will find plenty of restaurants and pubs in Negombo, very touristic and Western look alike. More expensive than the rest of Sri Lanka ocean side and not that authentic but still if offers a nice escape from the stiff and crowded Colombo when you are arriving or leaving Sri Lanka and it?s perfect for one ? two days stay and for experiencing unforgettable sunsets.

Mauna Kea on the Big Island in Hawaii

By Carole of Travels with Carole

Beautiful sunsets in Hawaii

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For spectacular sunsets, it?s hard to beat the summit of Mauna Kea on the Big Island in Hawaii.? At the 13,600-foot summit, 13 of the world’s largest telescopes from 11 different countries line up to take advantage of atmospheric clarity that is better than anywhere else on earth.? From here, you can watch the sun set above the clouds. ?After, most people descend to the 9,200-foot level, where the visitor center is located, and stay on to view the night sky filled with 90 per cent of all the stars visible from earth.

Steps Beach, Nantucket, MA.

By Alison of Green with Renvy

Nantucket sunset beautiful sunset destinations

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Thirty miles out to sea, off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts sits the island of Nantucket. Although only 14 miles long and 3.5 miles wide there are over 82 miles of beautiful coastline. The beaches are as varied as the sunsets you can see, each unique in its own way. Steps Beach is on the north shore and protected by Nantucket Sound. Because there are few waves, the sunsets are peaceful and serene.? When the skies start to fade a glorious shade of pink, it?s time to grab a cocktail and rush to the nearest stretch of sand. I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite on island locale, but the great thing about sunsets on Nantucket is they never disappoint!

Petersbourg, Italy

By Nikoleta of?The Bonfire Dream

Beautiful sunset destinations Italy

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Sunset in Petersbourg, the Venice of the North is so special because it is just like cut out from a romantic movie. Enjoying the glass of wine and watching the sun go down is something that will make your heart beat faster in excitement. The music plays, the laughter is loud and the view is stunning. Or you could choose to walk through the countless bridges, hand in hand with your loved one. Single? There is option for you to enjoy the sunset as well. Go and explore this beautiful city from the rooftops, just sitting there and having the whole city on your hand. Sounds good? So what are you waiting for??

Gili Trawangan Island

By Crystal of Castaway With Crystal?

Gili Island sunset through water

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Oh, you want a good sunset? How does sitting on the edge of a pool that?s on the edge of a beach with a cocktail sound? Gili Trawangan Island is an extremely attractive getaway for everyone. With islands big enough to have your own space but small enough to circumnavigate in a few hours they are the perfect place to see the sunset and the sunrise! You can dive, snorkel, hire bikes, party or chill. It?s an addictive Isla catering to both backpackers and resort-goers. This photo was taken poolside at Ombak Sunset Resort during happy hour (half-price sunset cocktails? Yes please!). That day we?d hired bikes and slowly made our way around the island, stopping to have massages and mushroom shakes along the way. Ombak Resort is on the quieter, West-facing side of the island and accessible by either pushbike or horse taxi. To get to the Gili Islands you can catch a ferry from either Bali or Lombok. Enjoy!

Boracay, Philippines

By Samantha of Travelling King

Beautiful sunset in Boracay Philippines

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Boracay is a small island in the Philippines located approximately 315 km south of Manila in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. Boracay is becoming more and more popular with tourists but it hasn?t ruined the island. Sunsets in Boracay are unique and different everyday, so grab a cocktail and a spot on the beach and enjoy this everyday miracle.

Potato Head Beach Club, Bali

By Courtney of Jetset Brunette

Stunning Sunsets in Bali

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There are so many places to see an amazing sunset around the world, but one of my favourites so far has been Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak, Bali. Get there late afternoon and enjoy cocktails and a swim in the gorgeous infinite pool. The sunset is vivid and sits against a pretty amazing tropical backdrop. Once it sets, it?s the perfect opportunity to stroll down the beach to choose a nice restaurant to enjoy a relaxing dinner. It can really be a magical end to your day.


Between the last collection and these destinations, we’ve provided an extensive list of the world’s most beautiful sunset destinations. The one thing we’ve noticed while travelling, is that there is an inexhaustible amount of places to go to watch an incredible show of light and colour at the end of the day. While trying to see?every amazing sunset spot in the world may prove trying, these lists will get you off to a good start!


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