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The more languages we know, the more doors around the globe are opened for us. Learning a language can never be a negative thing because by knowing a foreign language you basically get to know a new universe – the culture, the people, the places, the food. The list is endless. The question is, where, how and which language to learn? Well, you can try to learn as many as you physically and mentally can, but the best way to do so is to go to some of these places in order to get the best linguistic experience possible.

4 of the Best Countries to Learn Another Language

Quebec City, Canada learning french

Study French In Canada

When you travel to a different country, you certainly don?t want to be ?lost in translation?. As you get to learn a new language, you get to learn the people and their traditions and customs. Being in Canada, one of the multicultural countries, is the most thrilling way to learn even two languages. French is the mother tongue of more than six million people, but English is the official language as well. If you happen to be an English speaker or you know English better and want to learn French, then choosing any of the schools in Quebec might be the win-win option. People might be speaking French in slightly different intonation than in France, but you will be able to learn all the grammatical and linguistic terms and characteristics.

Study Spanish in Costa Rica

The Spanish language is one of the most spoken languages in the world, next to English, French, and German. Due to its popularity, and the ability for the learners to acquire it more easily, people opt to learn it because they will also have an opportunity to go to sunny places. People are misled when they think that you have to go to Spain to learn Spanish. To get the best experience abroad, low-cost but effective schooling and beautiful weather you should go to Costa Rica. As one of the many countries where Spanish is spoken, Costa Rica is not so over-crowded with tourists. There are many language experts that can transfer knowledge equally professionally as if you were in Spain, but for less money and a more hands-on approach. You will not have much comfort in speaking English, so you will only succumb to speaking Spanish thus, learning it is inevitable. Sydney, Australia learning English

Study English in Australia

London is too jam-packed with tourists and people around the globe who go there to find work. You will actually get the best experience possible by studying English in Sydney, Australia. Known for beautiful weather, dazzling beaches, friendly people, and bustling architect, Sydney is undoubtedly the best place there is. By enrolling in Sydney College of English, to study this number one world language, you will have the opportunity to become more fluent, meet people from all around the globe, get an official certificate and even learn about their culture, history, and pick up the Aussie slang. The enchanting blue sea hasn’t left any visitor disappointed so, after the lessons, you can head out to the beach for a quick surf with the locals and immerse yourself into learning the language even more.

Study German in Switzerland

A country where there are more official languages, four in this case, Switzerland is perfectly tucked in central Europe, making it ideal to learn more that one language. You can even learn to speak French or Italian, but learning to speak German might be the most effective. Z?rich is the ideal place to explore everything. You can easily hop in on a train and explore the whole central Europe and that way enhances your ability to acquire the German language. Many schools in Z?rich allow you to practice German as you do other fun activities that locals do like skiing in the Alps, visiting various museums, participating in the walking tours around the old town, and so on. The interesting thing is that you will have a chance to take in a lot of things connected to the German language in this small but perfectly formed country. The best way to learn a foreign language is to pick it up on the go. Whether you are rock climbing, surfing or mingling with the locals while you are preparing a delicious dish, language is definitely best learned when you don’t have the choice to speak your mother tongue.

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Best Countries to learn a second language
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