Beijing was one interesting experience. Over the week we were there we went through a wide range of feelings and experiences. Our favourite part of our time there however, were the times we simply walked around and explored the culture and the city. We learned 10 things you need to know before you go to Beijing, and saw a lot of different things, including an interesting night market, some historic landmarks and a few interesting attractions we simply stumbled upon,

Beijing’s Black Bamboo Park

After our visit at the Beijing Zoo, we decided we would venture on our own to Zizhuyuan Park, also known as the Purple Bamboo Park, or the Black Bamboo park, depending on who you ask. We opted to find our own way by foot, rather than take the ferry directly from the zoo as we knew it was close by. Asking directions from the tourist information centre at the zoo, we learned it was “down the street”, so we set off on yet another adventure to find a Beijing attraction.

Black bamboo park, purple bamboo park, ZiZhuYuan, beijing attractions, beijing parksIt was a ways down the road, there were no signs in English, and no one seemed to know what popular park we were talking about, but once we hit the black iron gates lined with bamboo, we knew we had found it. The Zizhuyuan park is by far one of the most interesting parks we’ve seen and offers so much to see and do.

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The 34.5 acre, 3 lake, two island, expansive park has a host of activities including gondola rides, fishing, an amusement park and some pedal boat rides and there are many busker type performances. We didn’t end up doing anything other than walking but we had a great time watching all the activity around us, the sights and sounds and the beauty of the park. We had been slightly overwhelmed by the city of Beijing and its people and this was a wonderful respite from it all.

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The winding roads took us to tea houses, a worship area, a small market, gardens and many hidden gems along the way. The park seemed to be a popular place for many locals of all kinds but it was large enough that we didn’t feel crowded like in the rest of the city.

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We spent several hours just strolling and taking photos and enjoying the temporary serenity before we had to head back into the bustle of the main streets of Beijing. The Black Bamboo Park is one of the largest parks in Beijing and it was definitely one of the best we’ve seen so far.

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