By Kacey Mya of The Drifter Collective Even if you’re the kind of person to take a last minute trip, vacations always take at least a little planning. You have to think ahead about what you want for meals, where you can get the food you like and what are the best places to stay. […]

By Kacey Mya of The Drifter Collective One of the best ways to experience travel is by indulging in the local cuisine. In Portland, Maine, there are many dishes crafted with fresh, local food that every visitor must try. Here are the top 10 dishes that Portlanders love ? and visitors will, too: 1. Pancakes […]

By Leila Dorari The island nation of Japan might not seem as the ideal winter getaway but you’d be surprised to find out what it has to offer to prospective skiers and snowboarders. Of course, you don?t have to be a professional to ski in Japan, nor do you have to know how to ski at all, […]

We learned fairly quickly while travelling in the Philippines that we absolutely love Filipino food. From our first meal and our first bite (well spoonful as it was a soup) of the cuisine, we knew we had found another destination to add to our list of culinary delights. Though Carolann had grown up eating Filipino […]

The more languages we know, the more doors around the globe are opened for us. Learning a language can never be a negative thing because by knowing a foreign language you basically get to know a new universe – the culture, the people, the places, the food. The list is endless. The question is, where, […]

From the bustling boardwalk to the smiling faces, there are plenty of things I enjoy about Ocean City, though I must admit my favorite part of visiting this pleasant beach town is the food. Ocean City has a broad range of fresh, unique savory options that make my mouth water just remembering them. I?m excited […]

For many, winter means travelling to warmer destinations and escaping the cold, but what if we told you there was a place you could go that would make you fall in love with the season, snow and all? That may be hard to believe for some but it’s exactly what happened to us when we […]

We had been thinking of making the switch to more natural products for a while. Learning about harmful chemicals and environmental toxins that seem to have infiltrated every bottle and jar of bath and beauty products we owned was certainly terrifying, but with the amount of travel we do it just never seemed to make […]

By Veronika White There is a big problem in society today? we are falling apart! It seems that we simply don?t have enough free time any more to actually bother to deal with even the most common ailments that impact us every day. Especially with our busy, 21st-century lifestyles, many people have just stopped taking […]

If?you’re planning to travel to Australia and stay for a while whether it be for a working holiday, a gap year, an extended vacation, a temporary relocation or just looking to be location independent, there’s one thing that you’ll probably notice pretty fast: the cost of travel in Australia isn’t cheap, especially if you plan […]