We had been thinking of making the switch to more natural products for a while. Learning about harmful chemicals and environmental toxins that seem to have infiltrated every bottle and jar of bath and beauty products we owned was certainly terrifying, but with the amount of travel we do it just never seemed to make […]

By Veronika White There is a big problem in society today? we are falling apart! It seems that we simply don?t have enough free time any more to actually bother to deal with even the most common ailments that impact us every day. Especially with our busy, 21st-century lifestyles, many people have just stopped taking […]

While this article was sponsored in partnership with ChromaDex, all opinions are, as always, our own.?Remember to always consult a physician before making drastic changes to diet or exercise or before taking any new supplement or vitamin. While we travel a lot and try to keep up with?20-somethings, we know our bodies aren’t what they […]