Smart city. City of the future. High-tech utopia. These are the words that were sprawled across almost every article we read about the newly built city of Songdo in South Korea. So, while we were prepared to see something different, and perhaps a little advanced, we were not expecting to step out of the train […]

By Carolann Hughes Almost a year ago we quit our jobs and sold our stuff, started this blog and decided to start travelling full-time. We were looking for a starting destination that was practical, reasonably priced and would have tons of things for us to do and see and, ultimately, write about. Since we’ve never […]

[no_toc] With every new place we go, we make an effort to learn the do’s and don’ts (the cultural taboos) of the country and the culture. It’s not always easy, navigating seamlessly through the cultural customs and taboos of a new place, but it’s usually never as bad as you would initially think.?We tried hard […]

Steve Jobs said it perfectly when he was discussing the rules for success: “People say you have to have a lot of passion for what you’re doing And it’s totally true. The reason is because it’s so hard, that if you don’t, any rational person would give up… So if you don’t love it, if […]

We recently wrote about how much we love Japan. And we do. But perhaps one of the most surprising occurrences during our travels was when we realized just how much Taiwan had wormed its way into our hearts and made us fall totally in love with it – more than any other country we’ve yet […]

Don’t get us wrong, the travel lifestyle has been such a positive thing for us. We’ve seen so many things, made so many ?- memories, grown as individuals and bonded as a couple. We’ve developed new perspectives on the world while learning to navigate through so many different situations and circumstances – we even had […]

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?when someone mentions Japan??Kimonos? Sushi? Samurais??Yes, those are some stereotypical aspects of Japanese culture, and we did find them in our journey through?Japan, sometimes in abundance, but what we also found was a country and culture of incredible depths reaching far beyond what people typically see. For us, […]

As?we’ve mentioned several times when discussing?our visit to the food stands of a?night market in Beijing, or our culinary exploration of Taiwan, there’s very little food we don’t like or, at least, won’t try – even the dishes that are?labelled as the “weirdest foods in Asia”. We’ve even surprised a lot of locals when they […]

Have you ever travelled to a new country only to be confused by certain customs and practices? Walked the roads of a new city uncertain as to how you should behave? Every country has its own customs, standards of behaviour and taboos and often times they remain undiscovered until those practices are breached. Amidst questioning […]

Where can you get a glimpse of Central Park from New York, the Canals of Venice, and the?Boulevards of?Paris all in one place? We’ll give you a hint: We’re not talking about Vegas. Chances are, if it wasn’t for the title of this post, you wouldn’t have guessed that, surprisingly, it’s in?South Korea in the […]