OH CANADA! It?s been six months. Well, 5 months, 18 days and some odd number of hours. As of today, July 1, 2015, also known as Canada Day, that?s how long it?s been since we last stepped foot on Canadian soil?and yes, we do miss that Canadian soil! Oh, Canada Day, the anniversary of Canada?s […]

In Japan, visiting temples was an interesting experience. Even during one of our most memorable temple visits to Narita, a smaller city in comparison to much of Tokyo, we were struck by the contrast found?when looking from?skyscrapers and technology to historic landmarks and temples.?This contrast between old and new seems to be present in much […]

It’s true, there’s some pretty?amazing food?virtually everywhere in Georgetown, Penang and we were told about it repeatedly before we travelled to Malaysia. What we weren’t told about however, was something we noticed for ourselves, pretty quickly, while walking the streets of this well-known city: an?abundance of art displayed in just about any place a painting, […]

The Wanderbaums caught our eye with their fantastic Instagram account, and once we read their blog, we knew we wanted to have them as?guest bloggers! They’ve written more about their time in Rio de Janeiro on their blog but have put together a great round-up of off-the-beaten-path must-dos while there, including some more of their […]

Staring at each other across the candlelit table, goofy smiles on our faces and the feeling of the entire future opening up before you? that?s what it?s like during the first few months of a relationship.? Stumbling into a cement room, a hard bed the only piece of furniture, both of us sweaty, disheveled and […]

Everyone can cook amazing food in Northern Thailand, or at least that’s how it seems, meal after meal, enjoying pretty much every dish we order regardless of where we eat in Chiang Mai. Whether it was from a street vendor, a food court, or a nice sit-down restaurant on a busy tourist street we would […]

Part art, part science but complete dedication and skill. What is it that combines the talent of an artist, the palate of a connoisseur, the scientific ingenuity of a chemist, biologist and physicist? It may sound strange, but we’ve discovered that some of the most interesting creations?are produced in microbreweries. In Busan, we found it […]

We know it’s been a while since Chinese New Year but we wanted to share the amazing time we had spending New Year with our Taipei roomie’s?family in Hsinchu (just south of Taipei). We spent 6 days filled with food, family, sightseeing, and a large amount of karaoke in between. It was a truly incredible […]

Macrae’s last visit to Japan included a layover in Tokyo (Narita Airport)?on his way back to Canada. The same day he was leaving, he found out his best friend had passed away. Across the country, with a long flight back and hours before he boarded, he ventured out into Narita to clear his head. While […]

Sitting in the small restaurant, listening to American oldies and waiting for our order we had no idea of the impending attack. Slowly, the haze permeated the room and drifted closer to us, burning our eyes and clogging our throats. Looking around however, we saw no signs that anyone else was being affected. The laughter […]