We’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Linton and Charlotte of Simply Roaming!! Yes, we’ve known about this award since we started and as the days passed and we could no longer consider ourselves “newbie-bloggers” Carolann stopped?crossing her fingers, saying her prayers, and hoping beyond hope that one day, someone, somewhere would say “hey, […]

While further edited for publishing on our site, this was originally submitted by Carolann and published in Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine, Issue 34: pg 17, under the title “Homesick for Hamburgers” It?s something every backpacker experiences and while you don?t know when it will hit, you know it?s coming. In a place like the gorgeous […]

While further edited for publishing on our site, this was originally submitted by Macrae?and published in Southeast Asia Backpacker Magazine, Issue 34: pg 14-15, under the title “Top 5 Places For Sunset Drinks” More Than The Full Moon Party To Discover Sitting, watching the sunset while having a drink; as the sky starts to dim, […]

Making it to Europe was one of our goals when?we came up with the crazy idea of quitting our jobs, creating a website and starting full-time travel. While our plans have detoured significantly, we?managed to make it there more than once in our first year of travel but unfortunately, were unable to experience train travel […]

Taiwan is a veritable?culinary playground.?Street food, night markets, Taiwanese restaurants and cuisine from around the world are found in abundance and are almost always delicious. During our two months in Taiwan we came to realize one of the fundamentals of Taiwan culture is Taiwanese food. Sure, most countries find strong cultural roots in their food […]

Traveling The world Helps You Make New Friends Since we started our full-time travels, we’ve met so many amazing people. On our first day in Beijing, we made an instant friend – yes we’re talking about you Emily – and since then we’ve acquired a travel family, the Wagoners, a Thai family through Airbnb, a Taiwanese-Serbian family through […]

Okinawa is a Japanese paradise with its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water. But with a heavy American military presence, its war-torn past isn?t easy to forget and the many monuments and memorials stand testament to the Okinawan peoples? struggles throughout recent history. Not only was Okinawa the only part of Japan to […]

Okay, so it may not be the?number one thing you need to know, but we feel it’s a pretty good thing to find out about before you get there! When we first got to Taipei, we endeavoured to meet new people and really get a sense of Taiwan – the food, the culture, the hidden […]

Best Restarants To Count On in Taipei For A Qiuck Meal or Snack So, you’ve landed in a new country and are still trying to learn the ropes. It can be tough figuring out where and what to eat, how to order (especially in places where you no little to none of the language), and […]

Thailand. A dreamer’s paradise where anything can, and will, be handed to you on the metaphorical silver platter. Sometimes holding yourself back from letting loose is really one’s effort to try and tame this beast of manipulation and temptation.?As you struggle to avoid the temptations, there is a problem that is easily seen but not […]