One thing we’ve discovered while travelling is that the CouchSurfing website is an amazing way to meet people who, well, just want to meet people! Regardless of whether you are staying at their house, many in the CouchSurfing community are open to getting together for a meal or for showing you the sights around their hometown. It’s […]

As coffee shops are often our go-to places to get some work done, we?ve spent our fair share of time in cafes, sitting in front of our laptops with a hot (usually?iced for Macrae)?cup of coffee in our hands. Thailand, like many countries we’ve visited, has a ridiculous number of coffee shops. It often leaves […]

Disclaimer: We no longer recommend Elephant Jungle Sanctuary and strongly suggest you do research into the reported cruelty against their elephants. You can continue to read for our experience and to see what we looked for when choosing an elephant sanctuary at that time. Remember to do your own research and due diligence in selecting where […]

The feel of sand between your toes, a soft breeze blowing through your hair, the smell of the water and fresh air wafting to your nose, and of course, the sound of the waves as they crash upon the shore. There really isn’t anything the two of us enjoy more than taking a trip that […]

What To Do In Pai The thing we noticed about Pai is that it is all about doing, or not doing, whatever you want. Whether it’s going on a paid tour, exploring around Pai on your own, or just staying close for the day, it all works. Pai’s casual vibe was a welcome respite from […]

  Butter chicken, tandoori and naan. Three of the most common dishes you’ll find?ordered and served in?Indian restaurants in the Western world.?Back home, we have been to numerous Indian restaurants and inevitably we, and those we are with, revert to the same?familiar foods with perhaps some kind of masala thrown in to feel adventurous.??During our […]

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao through Photos It was one of the most amazing experiences and it was a totally unexpected and unplanned adventure. Although we knew Koh Tao was considered one of the places to get certified for scuba diving, we hadn’t seriously considered doing so. As we mentioned, we thought it would be […]

We initially passed it. Driving at night on our scooter we were distracted by the lights of the 711 across the street and missed the sign pointing the way to the restaurant and its entrance through the walkway between two buildings. Once we had backtracked and parked we made our way through the dim lit […]

Our First Scuba Experience with 8?Tips We Gathered For Beginners 18m deep. Colder than the rest. The only sounds are your steady breath in and out through the regulator and a tapping sound from a nearby fish pecking at coral. Visibility is much less now but you can still see large schools of fish circling […]

My Thai Massage: A Lesson In Pain By Carolann It started with pain. With each cracking sound of my back I grew more concerned and within 5 minutes of the hour long torture session which, for some reason, I was paying for, I questioned exactly what I had said that brought me to this point […]