On our drive back from our trip to the Keys we decided to stop for dinner in Miami. It was already past dinner time, we were hungry and tired, and we figured anything would taste good but we really wanted to have an enjoyable meal.  We had read quite a few reviews about 11th Street Diner and thought it would be a good […]

  Since one of our hobbies as a couple is trying different restaurants, we like to keep our ears open for any reviews on local establishments. We had heard from quite a few people that Stoney’s Bread Company in Oakville, Ontario offered some pretty good food.  When we finally saw it on an episode of […]

On a recent trip to Florida we managed to get a car rental with unlimited mileage.? We were staying on the West Coast but couldn?t help but find a way to use those unlimited miles to our advantage.? We decided to venture to the Keys, even though it was off-season, to see what we could […]

  Typically, couples are brought together, and kept strong, by similar likes and goals.? Couples connect over the love of certain sports, playing video games,?do-it-yourself projects, etc. For us, travelling?is our biggest common interest.?Like many people however,?our trips have been limited to vacations taken off work and the odd long weekend -?but we always long […]