Date nights should be a necessity not a luxury and a cheap date night should be priority. So why drain your bank account every time you head out on one?

As a couple, both sides need to grow and flourish together and spending a romantic night out is a part of the formula.

Kind of like how sugar is one part of the formula to create? the Power Puff Girls.

But seriously, no matter how long you?ve been together, a night out can add cohesiveness and strengthen the friendship between each other. We believe being a friend, as well as a lover, with your partner is a very important factor.

?Friends with extra benefits?? well, something along those lines.

Often date nights can be cancelled due to a chaotic life but most couples admit that they don?t even bother planning one because of a lack of money. Not having any money to go out once in a while is a poor excuse. Dates don?t have to be expensive and could actually cost nothing at all!

So we?ve come up with a list of some cheap date night ideas that won?t break the bank. 

1. Spend Some Romantic Time Soaking Up Nature.

Let?s start with the ?cheapest? things you can do on a date?


Heading outside the next time you two want to have some time together can be very inexpensive.

The ?Great Outdoors? can be very relaxing and is proven to be good for your health.

Research as shown that spending time in nature can boost your well-being and health, so why not head outside for your next date?

Maybe try forest bathing, or Shinrin-yoku (in Japanese) together. Forest bathing is proven to relieve stress signals in the body and brain, and even reduce the risk of getting serious health problems.

If you don?t want to bathe within the trees, try going for a walk through a local park, find a new hiking path or lay a blanket out at night and stargaze with your spouse. 

Grab a blanket and a pizza from one of your favourite pizza places and have a picnic, or order-out from your favourite restaurants.

Not a fan of eating out? 

Create a picnic together by cooking the food at home. It?s a great way to spend time together before the date even begins.

How about If the two of you are into cycling? Why not take a bike ride through your neighbourhood or a local park? Biking can be a creative way to spend the day with your lover without even spending a dime. 

If you want to do more outside than just commune with nature and each other, most cities and towns have free concerts or festivals in the summertime (and even in the spring and fall), so look through your local newspapers or on the internet for information on when and where these things are happening.

2. Get Creative With Your Partner On The Next Date

Break out the pencils and paint brushes! 

Bring out your inner artist together? if neither of you feel very creative, can?t find a fun art project or have no background in the arts, find some ideas on a place like

Take it a little further and find a local art class from somewhere like where you can learn something new for a small fee or even free. Local ?conventional art classes? might be a little too expensive for this cheap date idea list, but using opportunities like that to invest into your relationship can be worth every penny in the end.

If you’re really looking to up the intimacy though, why not take the art project to the bedroom? Something like edible body paints or edible paint pens will allow you to unleash some creativity and up the romance factor with very little cost!

3. Game Date Night

Whats cheaper than having your date night at home? 


How about a game date night? Game date night can be as simple as playing cards?or maybe a little strip poker if you are feeling risky. Play one of your favourite board games or if you?re feeling frisky (see what we did there? Risky, frisky? ) make up your own date night game that you and your better half can enjoy now and in the future.

Game night could always be taken to the bowling alley for some disco blacklight bowling.?If board games and bowling aren’t something you or your date is interested in, you can always head to a pool hall or an adult arcade like for a fun night out!

Before we get too ahead of ourselves?

Let?s not forget the king of all ?game date nights?? Mini golf!

Mini Golf is always a great option for a cheap date night idea. It usually won?t cost too much so it won?t blow your budget. Plus who doesn?t love a round of mini golf?

Really? WHO?

4.Spend Time Planning Your Future Together

We all know it’s important to take time to make sure you?re both on the same page about each others’ goals and what the future for the relationship holds.

But who really sets these goals?

Maybe that true type A personality couple who organizes everything, from their underwear to their medication. 

Even though this sounds like a horrible idea for a date, taking time too map out your future as a couple can be very intimate, and for young relationships, this could create a strong foundation that a strong future could be built upon.

There are so many ways to plan together, and one way we find works is building something like a vision board to consciously create a vision of a solid future.

We know what you’re thinking, “why would we spend a night together on a vision board?”

Okay we understand your hesitation, but before you ?spend? your date night on a vision board, take a look at a book called “The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul” by Danielle LaPorte.?That book and others can help guide you and your partner on how to start planning a successful life together.

This date night might cause tension within your relationship and that?s not what it?s suppose to do. We want to create love not tension! 

Peace not war!

Work to create more intimacy and understanding with clear communication and honesty. Remember to always try to put yourself in the others’ shoes and seek to understand where your partner is coming from even though both of your visions of the future may be different at the moment. 

So if you start and it’s not working, throw it out the window for another day and go do something else that?s on this list? This is a date idea and needs to be a fun process for both of you!

5. Take Your Date Back In Time

Dust off that old box of photos you have in the attic and go down memory lane. If you?re not old enough to have an attic or an old box of photos, just pretend to dust off the Google cloud.

It doesn?t really matter where you store your old photos, just spending a night with your spouse looking through them can be a fantastic cheap date night idea. Take your time looking at your wedding photos, family photos or just about any memory you two have together. Tell stories, retell stories and just connect.

It?s been proven that nostalgia is a strong natural aphrodisiac? so why not get those photos out tonight!

6. Photo Shoot Date Night

For this date idea all you have to do is get your camera out and start posing. Having a photo shoot together can be a really fun! 

All you need is a camera and some kind of lighting source. You don?t need anything fancy, a couple lamps or lights from around the house will do just fine.

But if you want to get serious about photo shoots, either hire a professional or upgrade your photography gear.

Upgrade Your Photography Gear

Better yet!?Create a fun tickle trunk from left-over Halloween costumes you?ve collected over the years for some huge laughs and really funny pictures.

I know we mentioned risky before? but this may not be the best time for that. 

Just think of those photos, sitting in the cloud? anyone can see them can?t they?

Where is the cloud anyways!? Maybe This would be the right time to go back to Polaroids & instant print photos.

7. Head Out For A Coffee Date 

Ask any couple and they?d probably say that a coffee date is a clich?. Heading out for a coffee is something that you?d do with a friend, someone you don?t really know or for a first date.

Who knows, some of you reading this may have had their first date with your lover at a coffee shop. If that?s true then why not go back to the place and time where things were new and exciting?

Lets take this idea a little further?

Maybe pretend like you don?t even know each other and add a little of your own flair!

Okay, okay, if you?re not feeling that adventurous there?s always cool coffee shops where they offer something different, like board games cafes or open mic nights.

Sometimes life can get tough and just heading to the closest coffee shop, grabbing your favourite drink and hanging out with your partner could be that little break from life that?s needed. 

8. Day At The Farmers Market & Dinner at Home

Do you two enjoy cooking together or haven?t cooked together but would love to try it?

Make your “cheap date night? into an entire (date) day!

In the morning head to the local farmers market and pick out the ingredients for a romantic dinner at home.?We?ve created some recipes for two that we think you?d really enjoy making together : check out our recipes for two.?We?ve always said that buying from your local farmers market is always a great way to support local farmers and a great way to get some amazing fresh ingredients.

Tip: plan out your meal before before you head out to shop for ingredients? it will save you time and some unneeded stress.

After the farmers market, head home and begin to prep and cook the meal together. This way you?ll have a lot of time to prep the meal, and a lot of time together, since you?ll probably be back from the farmers market early.


Taking time to cook and hang out is one of our favourite parts, especially when we don?t have to rush to get dinner done and we can snack while we prep. That way neither of us get ?hangry? (hungry + angry) during the date. Which is a key ingredient to keeping the date a happy one!

We?re true believers that cooking together builds a better relationships.

The best part about this cheap date idea is that you both get to eat and enjoy the meal that you made together.

Life just doesn?t get any better than that!

9. Take your Date To The Gym And Get Your Sweat On

You know what they say: Couples who stay fit together look ?Lit? together?

Just ignore that, we have no idea what that means!

There?s evidence that couples who workout together stay together longer, and that?s the whole purpose of this article. Okay, the whole purpose of this article is how to spend less on a date??but the only reason you even want to plan a date is for relationship longevity.

We know this because that should be everyone’s goal.

Well, we hope it is.

Anyway, maybe heading to the gym, joining a yoga class or working out at home with a YouTube workout video might not be considered a date idea, but it?s proven that it builds character in the relationship. If you’re not the gym rat type or Zumba enthusiast, grab a tennis racquet or basketball and head to your local park.

If winter gets in your way and its stopping you from ?heading to the park?, go to an indoor pool, sign up for something like indoor dodgeball or lace up your skates and go for a nice romantic skate at the local rink.

What we?re trying to get at is simply, just workout together, even if you don?t consider it a date. It will do wonders for your relationship? and your life!

10. Check Groupon For Fun Date Ideas

If you?ve run through all of these ideas and done them as a date or just think our ideas are just horrible, (your words, not ours!) we guarantee there?s a coupon for an activity or place for your date on that you’ll enjoy.

Groupon has an unbelievable amount of deals to search through and there has to be a romantic (but cheap) date idea somewhere in there that suits you and your significant other.. You can find a discount on spa treatments, float therapy, paint nights, wine tours, restaurants, discount event tickets, local outdoor adventures.. pretty much anything you can think of, and many things you never even knew you wanted to do!

Take The Time To Work On The Relationship

No Excuses.

There?s always time to work on communication to stay current in each other lives. Take these cheap date night ideas and rekindle the passion you once had for each other, if needed, or let them provide a break from the the everyday stress that life throws at you and an opportunity to just be together.

Taking time to spend time together and making your relationship a priority will not only strengthen the relationship but also strengthen your friendship and well-being. 

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