Christmas, once again, is just around the corner and we all know a couple who does everything together (like us).

Buying a gift for each of them can be tricky and let?s not forget, pricey.

So we?ve come up with a list of Christmas gifts for every kind of couple in your life. Surely, there?s at least one they?re guaranteed to love!

100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster

Who says the perfect couples? gift is something for the house? Especially when they?re short on space. Instead, provide great ideas and experiences! Nobody likes to see their friends in a rut or, heaven-forbid, binging nightly on Netflix due to a lack of alternatives. With the 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster, you?ll hear a whole-hearted ?thank you!? next time your favourite couple is at a cocktail mixing class or trampoline park! Plus, if they like this poster they?ll probably love the other variations like ?100 Things to Do Bucket List.? Time to get scratching!

Bamboo Cheese Board Set

We all know a couple that lives to entertain, and what?s a social gathering without cheese? The Home Euphoria Natural Bamboo Cheese Board?is eco-friendly, chemical-free and oh-so elegant. Handmade, food-grade veneer finished?and equipped with a sneaky slide-out cutlery drawer, this cheese board strikes a perfect balance between sophisticated and sensible.

Go ahead and let your favourite couple know that they should keep entertaining so you don?t have to! Just make sure to bring quality cheese and wine.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Continuing with the wine theme, up next is an easy-to-use electric wine bottle opener and aerator. Ask any wine connoisseur and they?ll say that a good bottle opener is a necessity. Ask any couple and they?ll say wine is essential for entertaining guests! An electric corkscrew will work to fill this need, while providing them an opportunity to impress, thanks to the accompanying set of stoppers and funnels. Ooh la-la!?

This particular model comes with a durable case, charger and lots of extra batteries. It?s an ideal Christmas gift for married couples that like the occasional (or not-so-occasional) tipple.

Kissing Cups

If you think the married couple in your life would appreciate the exquisite sweetness of this kissing cup set then we recommend you buy it for them. They work for couples who love their morning coffee together (like us) or like to enjoy any hot beverage with a smile on their face! Unique Christmas gifts don’t have to be all about the season ? they can be about creating good vibes and spreading the love too!

Deluxe Espresso Maker

Reasons why an espresso machine is the ideal Christmas gift for married couples? Well, for starters drip coffee might just not do the trick anymore. Second, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure right? So, help your friends perk up in the morning and avoid crabbiness altogether. Finally, making espresso at home saves them a small fortune in take-away coffee (Trust us, it’s a money saving tip we use regularly!). You?ll even benefit when you chance to ?drop in? for a chat. We call that a triple bonus.

Couples Thermos Flasks

Quality thermoses are hard to come by these days but we think this set of stainless steel flasks will make the perfect Christmas gift for outdoorsy couples. Do your friends love to camp? Travel? Go for long strolls on the beach at night? Well, they can stay warm, caffeinated and in-love all at the same time. The thermos will keep freshly-made espresso (from their new machine) piping hot plus they?ll be the envy of all the other hiking couples when abroad. Really, what?s cuter than matching Thermos Flasks?

Air BnB Gift Card

Speaking of ?going abroad? an Air BnB Gift Card will not go wasted with those couples that refuse to sit still. Often, experiences are remembered on a much deeper level than possessions. Plus, every couple could use an excuse to get out of town (if only for a weekend) and revitalize their spirits, as well as love, for one another!

Air BnB Gift Cards come in amounts between $25 and $100, so you can get thinking about which type of journey your beloved duo may embark upon.

The Echo Dot

This is the ultimate in practical gifts, because let?s be honest, we all know a couple that is hyper-organized and on top of the latest tech trends. Echo Dot functions as a top-quality speaker, hands-free phone, news source and even quiz master; but did you know it can also help new homeowners protect their largest investment? With Alexa Guard, couples get Smart Alerts on their phones if the Echo device detects the sounds of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms or glass breaking. Plus, those gentle reminders to ?feed the dog? or ?take out the recycling? ought to prevent a good deal of finger-pointing. It pays to be a tech-savvy couple!

The Love Story Journal

This little book is so sweet it could send you to the dentist. It features thoughtful questions and prompts that make couples see the best in their relationships. For many of us, quality time with a partner gets pushed to the wayside in favour of never-ending errands. With such busy lives The Love Story Journal may be the only way couples consciously take the time to sit down and have meaningful conversations about their relationship. Every love story is unique so help a married couple that finishes each other’s sentences see how special theirs is.

True Love Picture Collage

Nothing symbolizes true friendship with a couple better than creating a dedicated collage of photographs you’re pretty sure they?ve forgotten about. Present those memories in a lovely frame that symbolizes their lives together alongside some cheese, wine and espresso. Don?t be surprised if you?re third-wheeling while they gaze lovingly at their new wall adornment. It just means you made a great choice of gifts!

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Christmas Gifts Aren’t The Only Thing You Should Be Giving This Year

There?s nothing wrong with doubling down this festive season and splurging a bit more on a couple than you would for two individuals. We all know love is the best gift of all but when you?ve already given that, our guide will hopefully offer you some great runner-ups!

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