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Koh Matsum, or Madsum as it is sometimes spelled, is one of?several smaller islands located a short distance South of?Koh Samui, Thailand.?In addition to Koh Matsum, the other islands include?Koh Tan, known for snorkeling,?and 5 smaller islands, Koh Si Koh Ha (translated to four islands, five islands). While all of these islands are partially inhabited or uninhabited all together, Koh Matsum and Koh Tan are particularly well-known?to tourists.

It is on Koh Matsum that we had our picnic, through Island Gem Picnic Tour, on this beautiful, secluded beach. After some amazing snorkeling off of Koh Tan, we settled down and relaxed, enjoying the shade of the Banyan tree overhead, the calm water, and the beautiful scenery.

Since it was a private tour for just the two of us, and we were away from the main beach typically used for picnics and tourists,?we were able to take the time to fully enjoy the peace and beauty of our surroundings.

We had one amazing day?spent snorkeling and enjoying this private island picnic? that?became an anniversary do-over!

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