What’s the first thing that comes to mind?when someone mentions Japan??Kimonos? Sushi? Samurais??Yes, those are some stereotypical aspects of Japanese culture, and we did find them in our journey through?Japan, sometimes in abundance, but what we also found was a country and culture of incredible depths reaching far beyond what people typically see.

For us, Japan wasn’t a country that slowly wormed it’s way into our hearts, like Taiwan. No, Japan wasn’t so subtle in its courtship.

Instead, it?reached inside and grabbed hold of both our hearts from the moment we stepped?foot on its soil.

What did we love so much? The landscape, the people, the culture, the language, the food, and the, well, everything! There was only one thing we didn’t like about Japan, and even that wasn’t something that hindered?any part of our experience.

A Journey Through Japan?- Beyond Expectations!

Sure, even before we went?we both had a love for sushi and while that love now probably escalates well beyond a healthy level, it was only one of the many things we loved about Japan and Japanese culture before we travelled there together.

Since Macrae had already been?to Japan, twice, he had shared a lot of his stories, including his favourite places in Japan, and the language. In fact, trying to learn Japanese was one of the first goals we made as a couple (3 years later and we’re still not fluent… one day!), so Japan already held a special place for us both.

Our trip to?Japan lasted?3 months and while we didn’t get a chance to see everything, we sure saw a lot! From Okinawa to Fukuoka, Fukuoka to Osaka and Osaka to Tokyo, we explored,?met incredible people and made some amazing memories.

Take a look at some of our favourite moments and places?in Japan – a?vibrant country where the?traditional and modern?contrast yet the culture holds strong, the people are always welcoming, and there’s always something exciting around the next corner. These are our visions of Japan.

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Have you been to Japan? Comment below and let us know what you thought of the country. If you haven’t been, what are your impressions?


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  1. Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers
    Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers says:

    So many wonderful memories in the video of places we know and love from our own travels in Japan. We normally only go for 3 weeks at a time so I can only imagine how fabulous a 3 month immersion in the culture must have been. I really like your video style too, I always end up deleting my video when I upload it as it’s too jiggly, the ‘glimpses’ approach captures the essence without needing to walk or pan around too much.
    Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers recently posted…What do geisha, soybeans & sake have in common?My Profile

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      So glad you enjoyed the video! We had so many clips that it worked well to have “glimpses” of a bunch of shots and, you’re absolutely correct – it also eliminates any concern about shaky videos!

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      That’s amazing to have memories – even if they are fleeting – of Japan and Taiwan as a child! What an experience! Both are countries we fell in love with and recommend to anyone considering going!

  2. Amber
    Amber says:

    Interesting to hear you say both Japan and Taiwan took some time to grab a hold of you. I fell in love, instantly, with both! I would love to spend more time eating in Taipei, and simply love Osaka. Thanks for the share.
    Amber recently posted…The Home of Irish CoffeeMy Profile

  3. Gemma Two Scots Abroad
    Gemma Two Scots Abroad says:

    Two things that pop into my head when I think of Japan – cherry blossom trees (or is that China?!) and their love for The Spice Girls (I remember seeing this when I was younger and also loved The Spice Girls!)

    I definitely would not of thought of beaches. Love all of the bamboo trees in the video too.

    Going to follow you guys over at YT now.
    Gemma Two Scots Abroad recently posted…Travel Budget for 3 Weeks in CubaMy Profile

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Many places seem to have a lot of resources set up for teaching overseas – many expats we’ve met during our travels have been teachers. Taiwan has a ton of places to teach, regardless of whether you have a teaching degree or not, and Korea can be one of the highest paid if you do have a teaching degree. There are also international schools which will assist you in the entire process and offer you the ability to teach a variety of subjects. Good luck!


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