We’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by Linton and Charlotte of Simply Roaming!! Yes, we’ve known about this award since we started and as the days passed and we could no longer consider ourselves “newbie-bloggers” Carolann stopped?crossing her fingers, saying her prayers, and hoping beyond hope that one day, someone, somewhere would say “hey, I think I’ll nominate One Modern Couple!”. But someone did. So thank you Linton and Charlotte!!

What Does It Mean?

Some think it to be like blogger chain mail, some feel it is?an honour to be nominated. Us? We think it’s a pretty cool way to connect the blogging community, show our support, and to learn a little bit more about each other and have our audience learn a little bit more about us. It also gave Carolann the chance to do a little happy dance.

How Does It Work?

Rules vary and apparently there are no strict guidelines but the award that was passed to us has the following rules:

– We’ll answer the 11 questions that Linton & Charlotte?have written

– Nominate 5 bloggers

– ?And create our own list of 11 questions for our nominees to answer

Our Answers:

Liebster Award – Simply Roaming’s Questions

1. Your favourite method of accommodation when travelling? Hotel Hostel, Camping, Couchsurfing or Airbnb…or something else?


This is a tough one… while we enjoy each one for different reasons, we’d probably both say that Airbnb is our favourite. We get the feeling of a hotel AND a home with the opportunity to meet and interact with locals and expats. It’s a great combination of comfort, quality and socializing.

2. ?You have been told to stay in one place for the rest of your life, where would you choose?

It would be a sad day indeed for both of us if we were told we had to stay in one place forever. Hypothetically though, we’re still searching for that one place either or both of us feel we could settle down for an extended period?of time.

3. ?What is the worst thing you have eaten whilst travelling?

Neither of us are what anyone would call “picky-eaters”. In fact, we’re probably far from anything close to resembling that description. Both of us enjoy trying new foods, and rarely do we dislike what we’ve eaten. Thus far, we really haven’t tried anything we thought was terrible – even the flying-ant filled soup we had still tasted good and if it weren’t for the number of bugs in it, we’d probably have finished it all. For us, the worst thing we’ve probably eaten was the odd bug that we swallowed while driving a scooter, especially on those long trips in Thailand, like when we drove from Chiang Mai to Pai.

4. ?What?s the most craziest thing you have done?

The craziest thing we’ve done was probably when we quit our jobs, sold all our stuff, started this blog and set off to travel. ?It wasn’t easy, it was scary, but it was the craziest, and best, decision of our lives.

5. ?What do you look for in a destination??Sun, sea and sand or crumbly historic buildings?

Koh Phangan Thailand Best Western Phanganburi

Neither of us are satisfied with just one type of destination. We prefer a combination of sights, landscapes and activities. We love to find someplace to relax, preferably by the water with a nice beach, someplace we can enjoy nature and the sun but we always prefer a destination that also has the option to visit cities, embrace the culture and explore its past.

6. ?One piece of?advice you would give to a new traveller?

DON’T: Look at other cultures through the lens of your own culture & experiences – there’s no place for judgement!

DO:?Look both ways when crossing the road – it’s easy to forget which side of the road a particular country drives on!

7. ?Yeah, we all have them? but what?s your pet hates?

We are both fast walkers…and we mean fast. So when we are out and about, we often get tripped up by people who are strolling. We understand. We aren’t judging. But it is our pet peeve.

8. ?If you?could visit another planet which one would you choose? Yeah, don?t worry about the lack of oxygen.


We both agree on this – we wouldn’t head to another planet because we already feel like there isn’t enough time to see everything on this one!

9. ?Which language would you like to learn and why?

We are both actively trying to learn new languages. In particular, French, Spanish and Japanese are high on our list. French and Spanish because we love the languages and feel they are beneficial for travellers and Japanese because we love the culture and have already accumulated a larger vocabulary than any other language in which we’ve been immersed.

10. ?You?re on Noah?s ark and we call your name out, which animal would you be?

Macrae: A bird, able to fly wherever, and whenever.

Carolann: A dolphin, able to swim wherever, and whenever… although then she wouldn’t actually be ON the ark…

11. ?As we have no idea, we?d like to know what you think the secret is to a happy life?


We’re not too sure if there’s a secret to being happy, perhaps it’s more of a choice. We tell each other often that we now?feel our lives are happy ones. Sure there are stresses and worries over finances and the future but in comparison to our stresses before we left to travel, and in comparison to our moods before we left, it’s a huge difference. We took steps to do what we KNEW we were happy doing – travelling and working online to fund that travel.

Perhaps it’s just making the decision to follow your dreams and to actually DO what makes you happy. Often times, we feel stuck within the dictates of society and those around us and the fear of removing ourselves from those strictures that seem so safe. We finally did and we haven’t regretted one moment.

Our Liebster Award Nominees

While we’ve read up on Liebster awards and a variety of them have rules about who to nominate based on number of followers and relative age of their blog, we decided that with so many different rules out there, we’d just ignore them all and choose who we want! We’ve chosen our 5 nominees based on our interaction and enjoyment of their posts and their travels.

Tiffany & Trevor of Limitless Duo

Alice?of Tea Cake Travels

Nic of Pilgrim With A Plan

Any & Sri of Country Hopping Couple

Rachel of The Travel Thread

Be sure to let us know when you’ve answered our questions below! We’d love to see, and share, your post!


Our 11 Questions:

1. What/who/where made you fall in love with travel?

2. If you were given a free flight to the next destination of your choice, where would it be?

3. Do you keep any mementos from your travels? Anything you collect from each destination?

4. What is one random fact that your followers don’t yet know about you?

5. What do you find the most difficult/your biggest struggle while travelling?

6. When you are craving a taste of home, what dish do you typically look for while travelling?

7.?Do you have a?”luxury item” that you just can’t travel without?

8. What is your favourite method of transportation while travelling and why?

9. What is one major thing you’ve learned since you started blogging?

10. What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten?

11. Do you have a story where there was a miscommunication or culture difference that resulted in an unfortunate, funny or awkward situation?



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