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If?you’re planning to travel to Australia and stay for a while whether it be for a working holiday, a gap year, an extended vacation, a temporary relocation or just looking to be location independent, there’s one thing that you’ll probably notice pretty fast: the cost of travel in Australia isn’t cheap, especially if you plan to be there for a while.

Accommodation, transportation and food can be incredibly pricey and when you’re looking to explore and see different places across the country/continent, you’ll be racking up those bills pretty quickly as you hop around to different hotels or Airbnbs, take buses or trains, and dine from restaurant to restaurant. You could, of course, minimize your costs by staying in one place for the duration but that may not be the best option if you’re looking to see and experience as much as you can.

There’s another option though, if you want to get around more easily and economically. It has a larger initial investment but is likely to save you some significant money as you go. It’s also a way that’s guaranteed to make you feel at home no matter where in Australia you choose to go.

All you have to do is buy a campervan or caravan and Australia is yours to explore!

Travel Australia in a Campervan or Caravan

travel by campervan in australia

Anyone who knows us, knows that?we love to travel by car?but not only does travelling Australia by campervan excite that part of us that loves road trips it also interests that part of us that loves to find the best and most efficient way to explore a country during long-term travel.

The obvious benefits are that you have your accommodation, dining and transportation all in one but these aren’t the only reasons why this is probably one of the best ways to travel the country/continent.

Here are 10 reasons why you should buy, and travel in,?a campervan or caravan in Australia:

1.? It’s an easy process to find and buy a campervan or caravan – just use Gumtree

There’s one site that will make the process of finding and buying a campervan or caravan super easy – Gumtree. While you can use the site to find a whole host of previously owned items in many countries, it is a prime choice for searching for the best priced pre-owned vehicles and purchase is super easy through PayPal and an escrow-style platform that allows you and the seller to make an easy transaction, pick up your campervan and start your travels!

One thing to note is that if you choose to buy a caravan or campervan that requires towing, you may also need to purchase or rent a car along with it. These can also be purchased on Gumtree as well and can make it easy if you want to park yourself in one location, unhitch and drive around until you’re ready to move on again.

2. Save on the cost of accommodations

Since your accommodation travels with you, you won’t need to bother with the extra expense of hotels, airbnbs or the like. What you will be paying in addition to the cost of the campervan/vehicle itself, are campsite costs but they are a fraction of?what you would otherwise be paying.

4. Gas is your only transportation cost

While gas can be expensive in Australia, you won’t have to worry about the prices of trains, buses or planes or the restrictions they pose on travel and extra expenses that invariably occur. Instead, you can budget and plan your routes and make your way around on your own terms.

5. Save on dining by making your own food

Dining out can be expensive regardless of where you are?and even though tipping isn’t a thing in Australia, the price of eating out is high. With a caravan or campervan you can save on those pricey meals and shop at supermarkets or farmers markets and prepare your own meals. You can also buy your own alcoholic beverages and save on that cost as well. Even if you do decide to go out, finding a BYOB restaurant and pulling out your bottle of choice from your caravan to bring with you can also save you lots.

6. See so much of Australia while easily travelling the open expanses and carrying your stuff

There’s a lot of open space to traverse when getting from one place to another. As you move from place to place you’re able to enjoy the open road all the while exploring smaller towns and larger cities. You’ll also be able to reach a vast area and large number of places while carrying all of your stuff with you, easily.

caravan travel in australia

7. It’s one long road trip and those can be amazing!

We’ve already mentioned how much we love road trips so spending months on the road is an amazing concept for us.?A campervan allows you to remain stationary when you want a break from being on the move but also allows you to set off on a new road trip whenever the urge strikes or whenever a new destination calls to you. And even though there is more involved when you are driving your home around with you, you can also apply many road trip hacks to your caravan travels as well!

8. Choose your own itinerary – go when and where for how long you want

You’re completely on your own time. There are no check in or checkout times, no deadlines or itineraries to follow. You can go when and where you want for however long you want. If you find a place you love, you can stay for as long as you want. If you want to take a beautiful sunset road trip, you can do that too. Australia is your playground and your caravan is the vehicle to experiencing everything you want.

9. Free entertainment is at your disposal

Because you can go anywhere at anytime, you’re able to choose any of the free events and festivals, walks and hikes, parks and beaches and other amazing sights as your entertainment and recreation while you travel. There are a whole host of festivals and celebrations in Australia and you’ll find a great number that are free.

Then of course, there’s the exploration of new cities and towns as well as the natural beauty of Australia, like the gorgeous beaches that?the country is known for. You’ll definitely be able to stop by some of the more secluded secret beaches in Sydney?for some time alone or as a romantic outing if you’re travelling as as couple.

The many secret beaches in Australia are also home to some amazing free entertainment. If there’s an area that does have an entrance fee, you can always see if there is a caravan site and pay for both your site for the evening with an added bonus of hiking and discovering the park or reserve as well.

Regardless of how you choose to spend your time while you’re there, the ultimate entertainment will be watching the scenery pass by through the windows as you drive.

10. Sell it and recoup some costs

Perhaps the best benefit of buying a caravan or campervan while travelling Australia is that when you are ready to leave, you can post an ad on Gumtree and resell for a good portion of what you paid (taking into account how many kilometres or how much wear you add) before you leave.

Although you will have that initial investment to consider, knowing that you’ll be able to get back a good portion of that money while having saved money during your travels should put your mind at ease.


However long you end up travelling in Australia, if you’re there for a longer chunk of time and are looking to really get a chance to explore the country and not break the bank, buying a caravan or campervan is definitely something you should seriously be considering. Just think of the views that await you outside your window all day, everyday!



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travel in australia in campervan

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    Hey, Australia is such a beautiful continent that every person wants to visit at least once in their lifetime. Thanks for sharing the best way to travel in Australia in long term basis. Keep posting!

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    Hi, One of my cousins currently lives in Australia and he is a travel lover. So, I am going to share it with him. Hope so he will be happy to see this. Thanks for the sharing this.


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