10 Tips for a Long Weekend Road Trip

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Most young couples each have roughly 2 weeks? vacation time per year and while this never seems like enough, there are some ways to maximize your vacation time.

One of our favourite ways is taking a longweekend road trip, which we either take on a long weekend or add a vacation day to one to make it a full four days.

Wherever you are in the world, these mini vacations are a great way to maximize the limited vacation days you have available, while still exploring and spending quality time with your significant other.

We?ve learned a few things over our travels that help us get the most out of our shorter trips and prevent us from experiencing cabin fever by the end of the drive:

1. Always Check Your Vehicle Before Heading Out On A Road Trip

Even if you make plans last minute, checking windshield washer fluid, oil and gas levels are essential for a safe and incident free drive.

Even with a thorough check, make sure you have a roadside assistance plan, whether it be a CAA/AAA card or the numbers of towing companies in the areas you are travelling through. Our Favorite travel insurance comapnies.

Taking a look at the air in your tires is also a good idea and can sometimes be overlooked in the excitement of impending vacation time.

Ensuring the right tire pressure will also help you save gas, which leads us to our second tip.

2. Save Money On Gas

The lighter you pack your car, the less gas it will need to lug you around, so pack as light as possible, don’t pack big heavy items in the car that will weigh your car down significantly.

Other gas saving tips include driving relaxed (accelerating quickly and driving faster both eat at your fuel levels), using open windows rather than the AC when driving at speeds under 80km/hr (50miles/hr) and rolling up those windows and turning on the AC when going over 80km, if possible.

Not only is it good to think of saving on gas but using gas stations that accept points cards are key and it may mean fueling up sooner than you plan if you happen to see the right station.

3. Your Vehicle Is Your Living Space On A Road Trip So Start With Clean Quarters

Make sure your car is clean of unnecessary items and garbage and organize your belongings for efficiency and safety before heading out on a roadrip.

Make sure emergency and first aid items, including water and blankets, are present and accessible and keep garbage bags nearby for any waste that accumulates, if you need any items for your next roadtrip we have a list of products for your next roadtrip.

It may seem silly but keeping organized allows for a more relaxed few days on the road.

You don’t have much time to travel and you don’t want to be wasting it looking for items or cleaning up from stop to stop.

4. Be flexible With Your Road Trip Plans

As you can tell by our spontaneous road trip to Key West (see 5 Things You Must Do When Travelling to the Keys), we tend not to overthink our travel plans. General plans are good to have.

They allow you to stick to your shortened timeline and have a general route of getting to the main places you want to see.

But planning too much can cause stress if there are any deviations or obstacles.

Being tied to a rigid schedule does not allow for the amazing unplanned adventures that a road trip often leads us on.

In this day and age, cell phones allow us to access a wide range of information, including GPS, but if you are going somewhere where you will not have access to data, or you just want to do some good ol’ fashioned mapping.

5. Relax, Road Trips Are About Adventure

On road trips, we always like to just take things as they come.

For spontaneous road trips, we have no choice.

Either way, expect the unexpected and try to maintain excitement for new experiences.

We’ve?decided to camp for the night after a long day of driving and all the camp grounds were booked.

We’ve even experienced an entire city’s worth of hotels being booked on the same night.

Whether it’s your accommodations for the night, an attraction you were looking to see, or a detour you must take, try and maintain a positive outlook and enjoy it for what it is? – and adventure.

6. Music Can Make Or Break Road Trip

You will be spending a significant amount of time driving and even if you think you’ll be able to chat endlessly with your partner, there will be times when silence will prevail.

Whether it’s because you’ve run out of things to talk about, you’re enjoying the scenery, or you are switching off driving duty and it’s someone’s turn to nap, there will be times when some background music would be appreciated.

Load up whatever media source you are able to play through your car stereo with music as radio reception is not guaranteed.

We decided to get satellite radio to ensure we would have something to listen to no matter where we drive.

What we did find was that, just like radio stations, satellite stations can begin to get repetitive when you drive for hours on end and having the option of turning to a talk radio station like a comedy channel was a great break.

This also helps to keep the driver awake and aware if you are taking turns napping.

7. Practice Those Relationship Skills

This is a great time to practice working as a couple.

It’s a time where you must work together to plan a general route and decide on stops, random or planned.

Staying cooperative, communicative and patient can be challenging during long periods together in closed quarters but it can definitely be a time that brings you closer together as a couple.

A word to the wise: this would probably not be a great time to bring up each others’ flaws as drivers.

8. Understand Your Budget And Make The Most Of It.

With short road trips it can be easier to budget your trip.

If you want to save money, you can bring food and drinks in a cooler and top up the ice whenever needed.

If you are looking to spend more on restaurants and the dining experience, you may want to reduce accommodation costs by finding camp sites or sleeping in the car rather than a hotel.

Another aspect of your budget to take into account is whether you are looking to spend money on paid-for attractions or enjoy nature and the scenery for free.

Whatever your budget is, there are ways to ensure you are getting exactly what you want out of the trip without breaking it.

9. Be Realistic?

Since you are?only going for?a short period of time, plan for your final destination to be at the midway point of the trip with plenty of time to return.

If you are the type of people who like to detour and/or make random stops when you see something interesting, set a mid-way?date and time when you know you need to turn around, regardless of whether you have made your final destination or not.

It’s okay if you don’t get to see everything you had planned. You can use those missed places as inspiration for your next trip.

10. Be Creative

Even though it is a short trip, there are always ways to get more out of it.

Go somewhere?close but with many?different possible stops along the way.

Or,??you can plan different routes to and from your destination so you can stop?and see different things.

You can also make rules for the trip to create more fun, such as always stopping whenever either of you see something in which you are interested.

Just because you are taking a short road trip, doesn’t mean you can’t fill it with just as much excitement and adventure as a long one.