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While Uber and UberEats are quite different, the concept of making extra money on your own time applies to both. If you ask us, making money with uber is pretty simple, which is why we want to show you how we did it and how you can too.

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Drive for Uber and make a guarantee of $200 for your first 30 trips. Just so you know “sign-up links” are affiliate links where we get a kickback for referring others, but these referral fees don’t come out of your own pocket… for us, every little bit helps us keep this website running so we can keep writing information on things like how we make money using things like the Uber apps

Our Experience Making Money With Uber

For a while, both of us would jump in our car and deliver for UberEats together.

We loved it because we could both be in the same car, set our own hours, and the person in the passenger seat could do other work while we drove between orders.

Driving for Uber Eats was like a video game that made us money!

Do you remember that old arcade game “Krazy Taxi”?

Uber is just like that game but with a food delivery flair… and a little less Krazy!

They should have made the Krazy delivery guy game back then too. We would have played it!

Setting Goals To Maximize Uber Earnings

It was an additional income stream for us so we didn’t rely on it as a full-time income but were able to set a weekly goal of how much we wanted to make and work to that goal – we usually ended up meeting those goals.

We recommend setting your weekly or monthly goals before you start working for Uber. Setting these goals will help you get in the mindset of Uber and/or UberEats as an overall income generator and away from worrying about how much you are making per delivery. It will also help keep you motivated as you figure out what times and areas are best for delivering or driving near you.

You might spend the first couple weeks stressing out trying to figure out the best time each day to Uber, just be patient…

You’ll eventually figure out how to maximise your time and you’ll soon figure out how to make the most dollars delivering and driving.

We’d usually go out later in the afternoon or evenings and mostly on Fridays and weekends and deliver food to those looking for delivery dinners, late-night meals and after-the-bar food,

We have never had a problem with anyone we have delivered food to that was under the influence… They are always super nice and happy because you’re the guy/girl feeding them…

Driving people on the other hand is different, most people are nice but you’ll get that one drunkard every once in a while that is just an angry for some reason and you’re stuck in the car with them until the ride is over.

How Much Did We Make With Uber?

The amount of money you make with Uber will vary… your hourly rate will depend of a few factors:

1. Are you doing Uber driver or Uber Eats?

2. Is Uber your “side Hustle” (part-time) or is it you’re full-time gig?

3. How often are you able to work?

4. What time of the day will you be working?

5. Are you willing to work nights and weekends?

5. Do you live in a small town or a big city? (are you willing to travel to a larger city possibly make more money?)

We used it as a part-time side hustle, and for the first couple weeks, we drove Uber Eats 6 days a week and worked in a medium-sized city just outside of Toronto (even though you make more in Toronto, the traffic and finding parking just ended up being a real hassle).

The last time we drove for Uber Eats was in early 2018 and in 5 weeks we worked 31 hours and we averaged $22/hour (CAD).

For us in general, hourly rates while delivering for UberEats would fluctuate daily between $15/hr and $30/hr, and by the end of the week we would average about $19/hr (CAD).

Update: We delivered for UberEats a few times in July & August of 2019 in our usual area and didn’t find much of a change in earnings. During slow times we made $15/hr and during the busier weekend nights, we made $25/hr.

Note: These wages are before taxes, even though there are write-offs when owning your own business, there will be taxes to pay at the end of the year.

We found Uber Eats really helped us out when we needed to pay a specific bill or if our cash flow was low… and believe us, at that time our bank account was “Low Low Low”.

It actually helped us save funds to start an Amazon arbitrage business and help us start our journey to get out of debt.

For more information on other apps to make more cash check out our post about HOW TO MAKE EXTRA MONEY ON THE SIDE ?THE REAL WAY? we get explain in detail how you can make money with different side hustles.

The Future Of Making With Uber

While we have heard rumblings of changes that have been made recently which may, or may not, make the payscale different from when we were actively delivering and driving, we haven’t noticed too much of a difference on the rare occasions we turn on the app and take a few hours to deliver. There is also talk that there are many more active drivers diluting the app however, at least in our area, we received a steady flow of orders whenever we do go out.

Despite the constant increase of drivers we maintain our stance that as an additional income stream, Uber and UberEats are great options especially if you have the mindset of achieving a specific goal for your weekly or monthly earnings and working until that is accomplished.

Plus, the more drivers possibly means more users using the Uber app, which means more pay for the driver.

Uber allowed us the freedom to come and go as we please, work on and invest into other things and make money we needed, when we needed it.

There are other diver services apps that allow you to make money like Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart and so many more, but we really like the widespread popularity of Uber (and therefore a larger customer base) and the ability to simply turn the app on or off as we chose.

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