Many times we find ourselves craving some quality time together. (Yes,?even though we spend 24/7 together while travelling and working). Sure, we love to explore, try new?restaurants or check out different festivals but?we also enjoy?having nights to ourselves (see our post on summertime date ideas).

When we aren’t out together it’s common for us to fall into?the comfort of our house, having quality alone time while sitting on the couch watching TV and doing work on our respective computers. And while?we are still spending time together and still?engaging in conversation, our focus is not completely on one another.

It’s because of this that we like to occasionally?switch things up and??sometimes and find an intimate date-night activity we can do without having to get social. The following is just one of the date nights we enjoy together.

The Couple Who Cooks Together…

While couples’ cooking classes are a fun and unique way of spending time together, they don’t exactly offer much intimacy, with fellow classmates nearby and conversation often being?led by the instructor. They also often have a higher price tag.? If you?are looking to spend some quality, romantic time with your significant other?and?are also hoping to stick to budget, cooking together at home can be one of the most fun and intimate of activities.

Not only are you taking what is often times considered?a chore and making it something fun and engaging, but cooking together builds teamwork and?a sense of accomplishment as a couple.???It is often found that couples that share common goals and work together to achieve them, are more successful long-term and building the teamwork skills as a couple?necessary for larger goal accomplishment, often takes time and practice.

It doesn’t matter what you are cooking or how long it takes. Whether it is making your favourite recipe or trying something new, it’s about putting in the effort to spend time together.

One quick meal that we often make together when we only have a short amount of time is pita pizzas:

OMC’s Pita Pizza Recipe


1. Buy whole wheat or white pita bread from the store (these come in various sizes and we usually buy the smaller ones for personal size pizzas). We know, we know, making your own dough is much better but this is a great way to spend more time focused on each other,?work together and pop out a quick and simple meal that’ll get you to the table, enjoying a romantic dinner and conversation.

2, Add pizza sauce (store bought or homemade – either way we often sprinkle some basil for added flavour), and

3. Whatever kind of grated cheese and toppings you each desire (go crazy with the veggies and meats! We often cook up some chicken with our favourite seasoning and throw on a bunch of different vegetables).

The preparation of cheese and veggies will have the two of you working together and it’s fun to create your own pizza.

4. Cook the pizzas in a preheated oven at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes (or until the crust is golden) and enjoy!

Pita Pizza recipe for couples

Enhance the Romance

A few details we like to include during our date nights are:

1. No cell phones – make this time about just the two of you

2. Add some music to the mix – create the atmosphere you are looking for by playing some music that both of you enjoy

3. Make it romantic – even if it sounds cheesy, creating the right ambiance is key. In addition to music, set the table with nice dishes and cutlery and even a candle, or depending on the weather, take the dinner to the patio and enjoy some fresh air.

Whatever meal you make, and however you decide to spend the evening?enjoying it, there is one crucial team-building exercise you mustn’t forget to do together – clean the dishes!

great date night ideas


Do you and your significant other enjoy cooking together? Comment below and let us know your favourite recipes to make while dining in.

Update:?Since starting full-time travel, it isn’t always easy to find time to cook together. We try to make time for these kind of date-nights when we are staying through Airbnb or housesitting. Otherwise, we find ways to make time for each other while on the road – such as our private island picnic.


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  1. In love with my wife
    In love with my wife says:

    Who are you kidding – no one cooks together. Just Google it. Every site is about how to cook fast and get to the TV. Even this site was last updated in 2015. Try finding a recipe that isn’t about 10 min prep, and 15 min to cook – even the one listed here.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      That would be unfortunate if that’s the case! We do actually cook together all the time but on date nights we prefer to make quick meals and enjoy our evening in other ways. Sometimes that does involve watching a movie but often we choose to spend time together in other ways and focused on each other. Hopefully this article will inspire the same in others! (and yes, this article was originally posted in 2015 and thankfully it still applies to our relationship :) )


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