Macrae & Carolann Cuba

After much contemplation and discussion, we made the decision to resign from our full-time jobs, sell our belongings and trade in our lifestyle as a dual-income, apartment dwelling couple for two 45L backpacks and a dream of seeing the world together.

We both came to the realization that our passion for travel could not be satisfied with a few weeks vacation time a year. We both want to revolve our lives around travelling and experiencing new cultures and countries. At least for now, for as long as possible. So, we?ve resigned from our jobs, told our family and friends, sold our possessions and are now finally able to make our plans public.

On September 17th, of this year, we will be packing up those 45L backpacks and heading to Asia to tour, live, eat, sightsee and experience the continent before continuing on to our next adventure. And we will be blogging about it here, on It?s through this lifestyle blog that we hope to express our excitement, our trials and tribulations, the lessons we learn, the amazing (and even the not-so-amazing) sights, sounds and tastes of all that we see. We aim to show the world through our eyes as a couple with a passion for travel and hope to engage others, those at home and those abroad, while writing about and discussing not only our life of travel, but our life as a couple in general. We also hope to motivate others to realize that it is possible to achieve their dreams, no matter how big or small and that sometimes all it takes is one giant leap.

Today is our giant leap. A leap into the unknown, a leap towards fulfilling our dreams and a leap into living life without limits, to the fullest, and without regrets. We hope you will follow us on our journey and perhaps get a taste of the world from our perspective and maybe, just maybe, we?ll encourage you to take a leap of your own.

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  1. Margaret Wall
    Margaret Wall says:

    Good luck guys, will be thinking of you while you are on your travels. God bless and keep you safe. Love Margaret, Tony and family. xox

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    How exciting for the both of you!! I wish you much health and happiness for your travels, and look forward to hearing, seeing about it all.

  3. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    Your blog was shared with me by a family member, I am looking forward to following your adventures! Great luck for you both!


  4. Skip Stein
    Skip Stein says:

    Hi guys. Thanks for pinning our site Plant Based Road Trip. Followed to your site and this is great. Nancy and I are way older than you (69) and didn’t get the travel bug until just a short time ago. We decided to explore all of the USA before returning to international travel again.

    Safe Journey and Have FUN!

    Skip Stein
    Plant Based Road Trip USA

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Thanks for stopping by! We love your site and your Pinterest boards! We started our full-time travel internationally but we often talk about all there is to see in North America. We can’t wait for the chance to explore places near home as well!

      Happy travels!


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