Royal Sovereign 4 Row Electric Coin Counter With Patented Anti-Jam

One of the most innovative features on the market, the FS-44P offers the user hands-free operation. Once the machine detects a tube is filled to its capacity, the sorting will stop, the tube will advance forward, and the FS-44P will return to sorting coins in the hopper. This convenient feature allows the user to place coins in the hopper, press start, and walk away! No need to stand around watching coins sort and continuously remove full tubes.

    • Fast Operation: Coin counter rapidly sorts up to 312 coins per minute.
    • Large Capacity: Coin counter can hold up to 800 coins for consumer counting convenience. Count more coins at once! Voltage- 120V. Consumption (Watts)- 5.5W
    • Hands Free Operation: 4 Row Coin Counter with Auto Row Advancement. When coin tubes are full, the tubes will automatically move forward and continue counting.
    • Effortless Wrapping: FS-44P comes with a total of 16 coin wrappers. 4 per denomination (4 Quarter wrappers, 4 Penny wrappers, 4 Nickel wrappers, and 4 Dime wrappers).
    • Easy to Use: LED Display shows total dollar amount counted as well as total amount by denomination.


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