Tarriss RFID Neck Wallet/Passport Holder/Neck Stash

  • This RFID Passport Holder, Travel Neck Wallet will protect your passport, credit cards and cash. Don’t be one of the 13 Million US consumers who will become victims of identity theft this year alone.
  • Protects your chip enabled RFID Credit Cards and Passports using high quality material that is FIPS 201 approved and shields ISO 14443/15693 AND EPC gen 1 / 2 contactless smart cards and RFID tags.
  • This RFID Passport Holder Neck Wallet can be worn below or above the clothes, in front or cross body using the adjustable strap. It also can be tri-folded to become a traditional RFID Travel Wallet.
  • This passport holder includes a breathable backing for maximum comfort against your skin when used as a hidden neck stash. The versatility and comfort makes it an ideal passport holder for men and women.


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