The Couples Journal: 90-Day Journal for 2 People | Written Record of Your Most Beautiful Moments

  • ? GETTING A BIT TIRED OF NETFLIX AND CHILL? – Are your dates getting a tiny bit predictable? Every relationship eventually hits the point where there just aren?t enough quirky jokes or ironic movies to watch anymore. The Couples Journal is an amazing way of generating intimacy and keeping things fresh. Daily questions will keep you on your toes, and your dates can become moments of deep intimacy and conversation – instead of, you know, commenting for hours on Kit Harrington?s hairstyle.
  • ? DEVELOP A DEEPER BOND – There are couples that?ll spend years together without truly knowing each other. It?s so common to get so caught up in the fun & daily antics, without ever deeply connecting with your other half. The Couples Journal is specifically designed to do just that – it forces you, every day, to be a little bit more vulnerable with each other. To open up about your deepest thoughts and feelings, and resonate in a way you never thought possible.
  • ? A WRITTEN RECORD OF YOUR MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS – The Couple?s Journal isn?t just a workbook to a better relationship – it?s a written record of your journey as a couple. In a few years, you?ll look back on all the memories – the good times, the tough times, and a trail of your collective thoughts and feelings. Photos are easy to look at, but imagine how powerful it is to look back on your emotions over the years? The Couples Journal isn?t just a workbook – it?s your history book.


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