Wooden Game Boards Settlers Of Catan


Wooden Game Boards Settlers Of Catan Colored Board For Catan Party Games Pieces Wood Game Organizer For Board Game Housewarming Couple Gift

Do you like Settlers of Catan board game as much as we do? If so, this is just for you! Our NEW designed custom Settlers of Catan board is an awesome gift for family, friends, coworkers who are real fans of Catan.

NOTE: In order to play Settlers of Catan? with this board you must have the official Settlers of Catan? board game. It does NOT come with player pieces or cards, and it meant to supplement the existing game.

? 4-player Basic Standard-Size board with Blue Ocean Edges
? Handmade of birch plywood.
? Made with Laser cut Precision
? Made to last a lifetime
? Color of the parts might be a bit lighter or darker because it’s made of natural wood.
? Finished with stain for natural wood
? You can Customize the desert hexagon with any sign, name, quote etc, to make it unique for anybody.
? Hexagons are the same size as the original game so you can use them interchangeably with the original game hexagons.
? 19 unique colored hexagonal terrain tiles (resources: 4 wood, 4 sheep, 4 wheat, 3 brick, 3 ore and 1 desert)
? 18 number tokens, alphabetized for easy setup
? 6 frame pieces (already engraved with ports on it (1 each of wood/sheep/wheat/brick/ore, 4 any)


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