Valentine’s Day is the one day a year dedicated purely to love and romance. It is, first and foremost, a couple’s holiday celebrated excitedly by new couples and often begrudgingly by veteran couples. For those who find themselves single when the 14th of February comes around, it can be a day that is despised and dreaded. For us, it is pretty much a day like any other. Though we do acknowledge its significance in society, we don’t go out of our way to elaborately celebrate it, although we wouldn’t pass up a romantic trip as a couple if one arose! We like to think we celebrate our love for each other in small ways throughout the year.

Having said that, we also don’t want to be that grumpy couple that loudly criticizes the commercial-nature of holidays and refuses to have anything to do with celebrating Valentine’s day and so we usually spend the evening at home, together, and find ways to inject some romance into that time. If we can find unique romantic Valentine’s Day plans then you can be sure we’ll be doing that!

Stay-At-Home Romantic Valentine’s Day Plans

Here are some of our unique Valentine’s Day ideas for couples who want to stay at home, skip the lines and reservations, avoid the paired-off crowds and higher price tags, and spend a night solely in the company of each other.

Camping… Indoors!

We’ve mentioned this idea briefly before when we listed some of our New Year’s Eve date night ideas for couples?as an alternative to camping outdoors. While it does make a great plan B, camping indoors?is also a fantastic plan A for those who want to have a little fun while still at home and because of that, it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day date idea.

It’s simple too. Pop up a tent in the living room or anywhere you have enough space, include pillows and sleeping bags (or just one for an even more intimate Valentine’s evening) and an indoor campground is created! The key is to really get the camping atmosphere going. Turn down the lights, turn off phones and other electronics, use flashlights and radios and find ways to enjoy each other’s company without all the amenities you’d typically have.

There is one household item that does serve a purpose to enhance the experience, rather than diminish it – the oven. Since a campfire is probably not likely, and since not everyone has a wood fireplace, using the oven to make camping treats like s’mores is handy. Simply place graham crackers on a baking sheet, top each one with a square of chocolate followed by a marshmallow and place in the oven (at 350 degrees F) until the marshmallows turn golden. Take out the tray and place a second graham cracker on top of each one, pushing down to crush the marshmallow and chocolate together. It may not have the taste of campfire but it does taste good!

If you’re feeling adventurous, feeding each other will prove to be a fun and sticky activity!

Take A Vacation… In Your Living Room

Perhaps camping isn’t your thing – indoors or outdoors – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take another type of trip in your very own living room. Is there a destination you both love? Someplace you’ve been and want to go again or maybe a destination you have always wanted to go? Just because you aren’t physically travelling there for Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t travel there in spirit.

Find movies that take place in that country or city and have a marathon. If France is your goal, try Moulin Rouge, Midnight in Paris, French Kiss, The DaVinci Code. Looking to be transported somewhere tropical? Go with Pirates of the Caribbean, Once Upon A Time In Mexico and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Or maybe you’d rather spend some time in the Big Apple with 25th Hour, Coming To America and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. A trip around the world is easy too, depending on which movies you choose.

Once you’ve got your movie playlist decided and you know your destination of choice, the next step is the atmosphere. Decide on a dinner (take-out or homemade) that fits with the theme. Find wine, beer or non-alcoholic beverages that fit too. Have music playing while you eat that sets the tone as well. Add any little touches to the room that will bring you closer to feeling like you’ve stepped out of your home and into a completely different city or country.

Imagine a night in Italy. Spaghetti and meat sauce, a Chianti open to breathe on the table, some quiet opera playing in the background as you enjoy the meal before snuggling up on the couch to watch Midnight in Paris with some zeppole and cannoli.

You’ve just spent a romantic Valentine’s Day in Italy without ever stepping foot out of your house.

Fine Dining… At Homeromantic table setting

Maybe you want to lose yourself in another destination or maybe you just want to lose yourself in each other. Whether you decide to go with a theme or are just aiming for romance, preparing for some?fine dining is a great way to have a romantic Valentine’s Day at home.

We’ve written about the fact that cooking as a couple is one of our favourite date night activities, but turning it into a romantic evening with an added element of fine dining takes it to?another level that is perfect for a Valentine’s Day celebration. Whether you cook the meal yourself, order in or take-out there are tons of ways to make the dinner special.

For one thing, ditch the couch and use a real table. Opt for a real tablecloth and cloth napkins, put out some flowers and light some candles. If there’s a special restaurant the two of you always go to when you’re looking to celebrate something special or amp up the romantic vibes, channel that atmosphere and bring it right into your own home. Lower the lights, turn on some soft background music and set the table. It’s all about setting the mood and embracing the elements of a meal that make it a romantic fine dining experience.

Once you’ve created the fine dining setting, make sure you both dress the part. Just because you don’t go out, wait in Valentine’s Day lineups and pay Valentine’s Day prices, doesn’t mean you can’t make the same effort for a quiet evening at home.

If you’ve cooked the meal together, you’ve had a chance to chat and work together and the evening has already begun. If not, crack open those takeout containers and start preparing your plates – it’s time for a romantic meal together!

Get Competitive… And Have Some Fun!

Looking for something a little more laidback? Maybe you’d rather have some Valentine’s Day fun either instead of, or after, some more formal celebrations (like some fine dining at home)? Having some fun with each other while playing board or card games can be a great way to spend the evening and remove yourselves from the stress of the day, the distractions of technology and television and the outside world in general.

You can get as competitive and as serious as you want or just keep it light but either way, tallying scores and predetermining prizes can increase the fun – especially if you make the prize something?the loser has to do for the winner! Prizes like a home cooked dinner, cleaning the dishes, or something more risque will add a great competitive edge to the evening.

Pull out some of your favourite?games or a deck of cards and enjoy eachother’s company.?Trivia games are also great for having fun, learning something new and racking up those points!

Go Back To The Beginning…Focus On Intimacy

strawberries and wine glasses

Regardless of how you spend your evening a focus on intimacy is, at the end of the day, what most people think of when they think about Valentine’s Day. And there’s no better place to focus on the intimacy in a relationship than right at home.

With the privacy your own home affords you, you can rekindle the passion between, build intimacy and make the other person your primary focus. Light some candles, share a bubble bath with some quiet conversation and spend some time rekindling the passion – in bed, on the couch, wherever really.

Make the night about your relationship and the two of you and getting back to the beginning when it was about stolen kisses, a soft touch as the other person walked by and moments spent just being together.

Make Valentine’s Day At Home Special

It doesn’t take a lot to make a Valentine’s Day special with the one you love. It’s not so much about where you go or what you do that speaks to the romance and love a couple shares. And what makes staying at home for this romantic holiday isn’t the money or time saved. Instead, the day is?about simply spending time together and truly being present and there’s no place better to make that happen than at home where you can pretend, at least for one night, that no one and nothing else exists except the one you love.

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