Learning to scuba dive in koh tao certification

Our First Scuba Experience with 8?Tips We Gathered For Beginners

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18m deep. Colder than the rest. The only sounds are your steady breath in and out through the regulator and a tapping sound from a nearby fish pecking at coral. Visibility is much less now but you can still see large schools of fish circling above and many others swimming calmly around you. The anemones, coral, and Christmas tree worms?present a beautiful, waving display on the ocean floor below even though some of the colour is lost at this depth. Finding a clearing of sand, you finally stop and kneel at the bottom of the ocean.

You look down at your depth gauge and then up towards the surface and realize?just?how deep you are; the surface seemingly further in reality than any number on a gauge could ever suggest.?At that moment it?s as if your mind has decided to depart from your body and head up to the surface, but you swiftly catch it and bring it back.?

Moving through the water now, concentrating on your breathing and the amazing marine life around you, you start worrying that your air pressure is lowering and you?ll have to end your dive and surface soon. You don?t want to. You never knew how awe-inspiring it was, never knew what was truly under the sea. But now you do. Now you see. Now you want more.

Scuba Diving in Koh Tao Wasn’t Part of Our Itinerary

learning to scuba dive

While scuba diving isn’t for everyone, we found it to be an absolutely incredible experience. It was a chance to explore a world unseen by most and we relished having that opportunity. ?Until we made our first dive, we had no idea what we were missing. ?Of course we had heard what people would say about scuba diving: ?It?s amazing!? ? You have to try it!? ?It?s so addictive!?. We heard what they were saying, but we never believed the hype. Now we realize that these people, crazy about scuba diving, were right. We?ve become one of those people.

Believe us when we say it is an unforgettable and truly amazing experience and one we hadn’t planned. While visiting Koh Tao, a small island in the Gulf of Thailand, we ended up walking past Scuba Shack and a sign advertising their options for scuba diving and certification. We hadn’t given it much thought and weren’t sure if we wanted to dive, but we opted to get some information anyways. After all, we were told that Koh Tao is the place for diving and diving certification and since our anniversary was coming up we thought it may be a great way to celebrate even though the voters had not chosen Koh Tao as our anniversary island in our poll. So changing our plans a little, we decided on Koh Tao and diving for our second anniversary celebration

Finding The Right Dive Shop For The Job


Walking up to the large, wrap-around patio of the small dive shop just metres from the beach, we noticed?people were milling about, sitting?and chatting, most with smiles on their faces.?We found the people at Scuba Shack to be very informative and helpful and discovered that a portion of those on the porch were students who were invited to stay and drink water, or tea and relax after their dives.

scuba diving equipment check

After a thorough rundown of their dive packages and courses, followed by a couple of hours to explore our options and soak it all in, we decided to take the open water diving certification course and since we felt most at ease with Scuba Shack, we headed back to book our course.?We felt this?was a?great option to take should we want to go diving in the future as?the certification would allow us to go on our own and dive as deep as 18 meters.

While this is the first and most basic course available, there are many others that we can upgrade to in the future, like wreck diving, night diving, navigation and deep dives of 30m.

Scuba Diving: An Experience Like No Other

scuba diving gear

We were incredibly lucky. Not only were we impressed with Scuba Shack itself but?our instructor, James,?was awesome. Friendly, funny, professional and incredibly knowledgeable, he eased any qualms we had and was just generally a great guy to be learning from and leading our team.

Our ‘in-class’ training?was conducted with another soon-to-be diver from Holland and covered everything from safety to equipment to techniques while under the water.?Once that was completed we moved to a contained dive where we practiced the essentials of diving but?in shallow water.

learning to scuba dive koh tao

Learning to empty our goggles of water once we were submerged was probably the most difficult. It’s a weird feeling once you start breathing with a regulator underwater to then remove your mask. It’s like your mind says “since your breathing you might as well do it with your nose!” Meanwhile your instincts?are screaming for you to hold your breath and your brain is reminding you that the worst thing you can do is stop breathing through that regulator.

scuba dive team

The contained dive was?where we built a bit of confidence?and worked on our?skills in?preparation for the real dives the following day??It was?during the dives that we were especially?thankful for?James’ experience, knowledge and even humour as all of us were a little bit nervous, and?a little bit unsure, of what to expect and how we would react.

Taking That First Dive

learning how to scuba dive

Our dive team was joined by an American who had completed the written portion back home and was looking to finish his certification. With two pairs of dive buddies and James leading the way, our first descent was filled with anxiety (at least for some of us)?and anticipation.

scuba diving team

There really is no way to describe those first few metres. we descended that first time with the assistance of a rope. The frayed, moss-encrusted hovering piece of entwined rope strands were the only visible thing, besides our fellow divers, as we slowly dropped down through the water. During this portion of the descent was where we discovered a slight disorientation may occur.? With no visibility to what’s below, it becomes an eerie float downward, several moments of uncertainty and relative internal disquiet.

scuba diving certification

On that first dive, when James told us to let go of the rope and follow him, we’re pretty sure we all hesitated but once we gave ourselves over to the moment and the water around us, we instantly fell into a trance, a kind of meditation. The constant?worry about breathing washed away, our sense of sight overwhelmed the rest, and?the ocean had us?so relaxed?the only thing we could do was enjoy what?it had to offer.

scuba diving in koh tao thailand

That first dive was without any tests or practice of techniques and allowed us to get comfortable with swimming at such depths, maneuvering among the coral, fish and other underwater creatures (such as the nudibranch) and working with our buddies. In the end, that first dive also allowed us to fall in love with scuba diving itself.

We were fortunate to have someone from Fat Fish Movies (hey Charlie!) videotape one of our dives! Watch ours below:


We’ve put together a?photo tour of our second?dive with Charlie?from Fat?Fish Movies who documented it all in photos this time!! You can also check out some more amazing videos from Charlie and the team at Fat Fish Movies’ YouTube page. The box jelly fish one is particularly interesting to us since we were on the dive in which that was shot!! Yup, we swam with some box jelly fish unbeknownst to us the possible danger and the fact that we were swimming with one of the world’s deadliest creatures!

Now that we’re certified we are constantly keeping our eyes and ears open for great diving spots. We’ve already made a trip to Key West, but we hope to go back and add one more – scuba diving at the reef! With so many places to visit, we’re excited to be able to expand our adventures to the incredible unseen world underwater.

8?Tips For Those Considering Scuba Diving For The First Time

Learning to scuba dive in koh tao certification

We’ve put together a list of?8 tips for those who are considering scuba diving for the first time. If you?re looking for a spot like Scuba Shack to learn to dive, or if you haven’t gone diving for a while, we think these tips will help put your mind at ease and help you get the most out of your diving experience:

?scuba shack koh tao thailand

1. Do research?to choose?a good diving school.?Make sure the group is small and?that they are PADI or SIS certified. Even though they were the first dive shop we talked to, we were so comfortable and at ease with Scuba Shack that, although we looked around and did our research, there was really no better option for us. They were professional, had good quality equipment, knowledgeable instructors who were actually pretty fun to spend time with and came with a recommendation. Ask around and do your research.

2. Do not dive past your certification. It’s dangerous to dive without the right training, so if you want to dive in that cave or through a ship wreck to try and find some treasure, get certified first. Along with this, do not dive without certification or without going through a well-researched (see tip #1) dive shop for a fun dive (A dive with an introduction to?the equipment, techniques and safety?but with?no certification)

scuba diving buddy teams

3. Value the Buddy System.?We are fortunate in that we were able to learn together and thus develop our “buddy skills” together. It became another type of partnership as the responsibility for your partner and their safety is ever-present 18 meters below the surface. Always dive with a buddy, make sure they are doing okay throughout the dive and remember to ask where their air supply is at, once every?5-10 minutes.?(Carolann obsessively asked Macrae this question about 30 times in a 45 min dive). With deeper dives and as air gets lower, ask them a little more often.

4. It?s normal to feel nervous before your first dive. In fact, several of us on the boat ?were nervous for all of our open water certification dives. It can be helpful to know you are not alone in those worries and fortunately with an instructor like James, our minds were put at ease fairly easily.

learning to scuba dive

5. Some things don’t come naturally or easily.?Clearing your goggles of water when submerged or equalizing your ear pressure is not always easy but that’s why there are contained dives to practice and drills throughout the regular dives. It may feel repetitious but it definitely helps in making them feel more natural. It’s a good idea to practice or brush-up on things like clearing your goggles and switching from regulator to snorkel to breath at the surface if you’ve been away from diving for some time.

6. It?s okay to take your time, to equalize, calm down.? Your instructor will wait, no one will mind, and?in fact chances are someone else is thankful for a bit of a break. Don’t feel compelled to keep up as you have a buddy to stick with you and an instructor who should be patient. The pace is so much slower then you would think so taking your time is generally not an issue.

Scuba shack boat

7. Hiring a photographer/videographer is worth it!?If you don’t mind the extra cost, and are able, hiring someone to take video footage and photos with you on your dive leaves you with an incredible documentation of your time under the water. We were fortunate to have someone from?Fat Fish Movies dive with us and take some incredible photos of one of our dives. The video found earlier in this post was also taken by them on the previous dive.

8. Remember to have fun!! This is perhaps the most important point but one that is hard not to do once you are amidst the aquatic life below. The time goes by faster than you expect so enjoy!!

Comment below and let us know what locations are your favourite for scuba diving. Or, if you’ve never been, where would you want to start?

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  1. chantalanderson03@yahoo.com
    chantalanderson03@yahoo.com says:

    Hi Carolann, the pictures are awesome and you have lots of courage to scuba dive, I would be questioning as well the amount of air supply left. Keep the great work :)

  2. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, that sure must be quite an adventure to go scuba diving in KohTao. It’s something that I have yet to do and one that would be probably amazing. Well, so far I actually got some scuba gear that my son bought me. My thought is that he might surprise me with a trip to go scuba diving somewhere.

  3. Bara
    Bara says:

    Great post. I’ve done my first scuba dive recently in Australia at Great Barrier Reef and it was incredible experience. I wouldn’t believe that it would be so difficult not to forget about breathing. Or may be I was just scared when they’d told us what all could happen down there. That peace and silence that I could heard my heart beating. Definitely, one of my most intense experience.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      The breathing thing was definitely a surprise. We caught ourselves stopping several times at first…and then you panic cause you’re not sure how long you hadn’t been breathing for and how it could’ve happened! You’re right – the silence and intensity down there is incredible!

  4. Phillius Thomas
    Phillius Thomas says:

    Diving is certainly a fun and unique experience. I used to go with my aunt a lot when we were younger, she only being 7 years older than I am. We were the fish of the family. I haven’t been since we last went when I was 17, I should definitely go again, and maybe see if she wants to too.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      It has become a passion of ours even though we’ve unfortunately not been able to dive since (got sick both times we had planned to dive in Japan and the Philippines). If you have any dive spot suggestions, let us know!

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Oh sorry, that was a dive watch from the dive company, it was actually just a compass for training to get our open water certificate. Its an awesome idea to get someone to take some pictures, especially when you’re diving to get certified.

  5. jean brice
    jean brice says:

    Woohhh!! Love your post!! You people have covered great and interesting things in your post. Must say..there’s no denying that one of the most popular outdoor sports today is scuba diving.

    With 71% of the world’s surface covered with water, humans have always been curious what lies underneath that blue and pristine water. Today, people no longer need to just imagine the beauty of marine life because scuba diving has made it possible for us to finally explore the depths of the oceans, seas, and lakes.

    Btw awesome blog..thanks for sharing..:)
    jean brice recently posted…Freedivers Students Records !My Profile

  6. Jens
    Jens says:

    If we have some good knowledge about that scuba diving then we can research under the sea about corals, fishes and deep sea sound which gives such a nice and thrilling experiences to our life.


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