By Dan Ramos

Staying in shape while you?re on the road can be difficult. ?Whether you?re travelling for work or on vacation, the amenities and structure you?re used to at home are typically hard to come by. ?Not to mention, the urge to indulge in local cuisines is a difficult battle for us foodies out there. ?Despite the challenges, staying fit while travelling doesn?t have to be so hard, and I?m here to tell you it can actually be fun with the right mindset!

Tips For Staying Fit While Travelling

First and foremost, you have to plan ahead. ?Knowing what kind of food you?ll be eating, how you?ll get that food, when you?ll be working out and how you?ll be working out are all critical things to think about when you?re travelling. Here are some tips and tricks to help stay in shape while on the road!

Pack Healthy Snacks

Being on the road typically means you?re schedule is a little out of whack, but that doesn?t mean your diet and workouts have to be. ?Letting yourself get too hungry is a major reason we overeat and something we need to defend against. ?Grabbing some healthy snacks is a perfect way to keep us full in between meals. ?Things like peanuts, beef jerky, fruit, granola, tuna pouches and sliced vegetables are all great options. ?If you?re going to be spending a lot of the time in the car I would recommend picking up a cheap Styrofoam cooler with some ice which will provide you with more options for?the types of snacks you pick up.


Eat at Places That Post Nutritional Information

I couldn?t tell you how many times I?ve been with people who have ordered a salad thinking they were being healthy, just to find out it had just as many calories as the cheeseburger. ?Just because something seems healthy doesn?t always mean it is. ?More and more restaurants are posting their nutritional information, taking the guessing game out of the calories and macronutrients you?re consuming. ?If the place you?re eating at doesn?t supply nutritional information, feel free to modify your meal for healthier alternatives. ?Salad instead of fries, dressing on the side, grilled instead of fried and holding the cheese and mayo wherever possible.

Stay at Places with Kitchenettes

Instead of eating out for every meal, why not stay at a place with a kitchenette? ?Kitchenettes are great because you can cook your own healthy meals and know exactly what you?ll be consuming. ?The one added benefit to renting a place with a kitchenette is you?ll actually save money. ?Yes, they?re generally more expensive than regular hotel rooms, however that cost is offset by the amount of money you would save from eating out for every meal.


Cheat Meals Are Actually Okay

How can you travel to Japan and not want to try their sushi, or go to NYC and not want some thin crust pizza? ?One of the perks about travelling is getting to try food for which the area is known for. ?And I?m here to let you in on a little secret?. It?s okay to try this food! ?But before you order that large pepperoni pie I should say there?s one little caveat. ?Cheat meals are fine, but moderation is key. ?This goes back to packing healthy snacks and not letting yourself become too hungry. ?Eat slow and savor every bite as you should use healthy meals to keep you full and cheat meals to get a taste of the city.


Workout First Thing in the Morning

If you?re on the road it?s usually safe to assume you?re there for a reason and not to just sit in the hotel all day. ?With that being said, you probably have an erratic schedule which could make it much harder to sneak in a workout later in the day. ?For this reason, I highly recommend getting your workout done first thing in the morning. ?That way it?s taken care of, you no longer have to worry about it and there aren?t any excuses you have to make as to why you didn?t work out… because you already did it! ?If mornings just don?t work for you, schedule a time every day that you can commit to getting a workout in. ?Having a routine to rely on is key when the rest of your schedule is up in the air. Simply put, make your workouts a priority.

Find the Workout that Works For You

Once again this goes back to the planning stage. ?Know yourself and know what kind of workouts work best for you. Are you the type of person that always goes to classes? ?If so, don?t fool yourself into thinking you?ll use the hotel gym. Research some local gyms that offer classes in the area or find a public workout on and go!

surfing-carlsbad-ca (1)

Get a Franchised Gym Membership

Larger franchise gyms like Golds, Planet Fitness, NY Sports Club and Anytime Fitness will typically give you access to all their gym locations once you become a member. ?Going this route can save you a lot of money in the long run as you don?t have to pay every time you want to use a gym at a new location. ?Not sure which gym to go with? ?Almost all gyms today offer some kind of a free trial, pick one of those up and take it for a test run.

Portable Workouts

If gyms and classes really aren?t your thing, maybe you should try the at-home workout method. ?There are a boatload of options in terms of equipment you could bring with you on the road, but personally there are two that I won’t leave home without – ?a jump rope and resistance bands. ?Being both extremely lightweight and portable, these two items will give you practically everything you could need for a full body workout. ?Want to take the at home workouts to the next level? ?Try out the TRX Pro. ?It’s definitely more pricey than the jump rope and resistance bands but it offers a wider variety of workouts and increased difficulty as you?re now using your bodyweight for resistance.


Plan Fun But Challenging Activities

Workouts don?t have to be limited to your hotel room or a gym. ?Find some local activities that will get your blood flowing. Personally, I would recommend participating in activities that the area is well known for like snorkeling in the Bahamas or SUP (stand up paddleboard) in Lake Tahoe. No matter if it?s surfing, snowboarding, hiking, walking on the beach or rock climbing, these are all great ways to burn calories while having some fun.





Dan is a former professional baseball player turned software engineer and world traveller.? Working 100% remote for startups to fortune 500 companies he’s able to maintain a nomadic lifestyle without sacrificing the security of a full time job.? To read more about his story checkout? You can also see more of his story and work on Twitter.



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3 replies
  1. Ava Meena
    Ava Meena says:

    I totally agree about the kitchenettes – I’ve even been known to pack my blender (I’m a smoothie addict) if we’re taking a car somewhere for more than a few days. I’d also add that getting food from grocery stores instead of eating out really helps me. I’ll pop in and grab some fruit and something from the deli bar and end up with a mostly healthy and cheap meal.

  2. RobRob @TravelLatte(.net)
    RobRob @TravelLatte(.net) says:

    One of our favorite ways to stay active when travelling is by avoiding the tour buses, vans, Hop-On-Hop-Off type tours and walking or running instead. Sure, we want to see the sights, but we want to walk among the locals while getting there! You learn so much more about the city and people, and get a little exercise too! Win-win! #WeekendWanderlust


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