Toronto. A constantly changing metropolis checkered with recent history and populated with people from all walks of life. If you?re taking your cue from the rapper Drake, you probably know it as ?the 6?, though for years it was affectionately dubbed the ?T-Dot?. Whatever you choose to call it, Toronto is for any traveller and, […]

Happiness. At times elusive, at times all-encompassing. It’s what we all chase and yet it’s what many of us can’t seem to find. In Toronto however, there is one place where happiness?isn’t just found… it’s the norm. Finding a Treasure – One of the Most Unique Things To Do in Toronto We didn’t know what […]

From our first visit to Niagara-on-the-Lake, in Ontario, Canada, we understood why people claim this region as one of the best for a?romantic getaway. The area?offers?incredible scenery of seemingly endless stretches of vineyards and natural beauty with wineries offering tours, views and festivals and hotels with luxury, character and history. Add to that a close […]

It’s only about six hours by car, five and a half by train or one hour by plane. Though it’s a relatively short distance away from Toronto, and still within Canada, the culture and experience is quite different. While you’ll see all signs are bilingual in Toronto, when you cross that border between Ontario and […]

Toronto Christmas Market – One Of The Top Things to Do in Toronto in the Winter The holiday season is synonymous with?tradition. No matter what you believe in or what holiday you celebrate, for most of us it is a time for family and kindness, reflection and warm wishes. For us, we are immersed in […]

OH CANADA! It?s been six months. Well, 5 months, 18 days and some odd number of hours. As of today, July 1, 2015, also known as Canada Day, that?s how long it?s been since we last stepped foot on Canadian soil?and yes, we do miss that Canadian soil! Oh, Canada Day, the anniversary of Canada?s […]

This past winter, after taking a web coding course, we both felt a hankering for Southern BBQ.? Luckily enough, we were a town over from a restaurant we had heard of which supposedly had amazing Southern fried chicken and, something we always wanted to try, hog tails. The Lancaster Smokehouse, in Kitchener Ontario, is deceivingly […]

It was early, we were tired and we were very hungry. We were in Montreal and looking for a place to eat breakfast. We searched online for “the best place to eat breakfast in Montreal” and decided on L’Avenue.? The reviews warned us about long lines and advised us?to get there before opening?and although it […]

Our breakfast at Homestead Restaurant left us in good spirits as we headed to Hopewell Rocks, what we ultimately had travelled over 1500km to see. We made it in time for low tide (check online for times if you go) and it was one of the most amazing experiences. Here is the rest of our […]

It was the Tuesday before a long weekend and we still hadn?t settled on plans and so when a travel?advertisement came on and an image of Hopewell Rocks flashed across the screen, it seemed like a sign. We were going to New Brunswick for the three-day long weekend. And we were going to drive. We […]