As a major holiday destination and a travel hub, London is the perfect place?for?a romantic vacation. With a variety?of things to do and see, it’s a city that can speak to?any couple looking to get away. Though just being with the one you love sounds romantic in itself, finding a way to make romance?a reality […]

Turquoise water, so unbelievably blue your friends will think the pictures are Photoshopped. Warm sunny days. Delicious seafood. A nice ocean breeze blowing the dry air across your face. It?s no wonder the Mediterranean has long been a sought-after destination for holidaymakers and sun worshipers. And if beautiful weather and amazing food weren?t enough, the […]

By Dave Brett of Travel Dave UK When it comes to the Nordics, normally ‘affordable’ is not a word you would associate with this unique area of the world. However, Finland is the most affordable destination within this region that still packs a mighty punch for your hard earned buck. Did you know that Finland […]

The flight was long, though not the longest we’ve had to endure. Still, between the first 8 hour flight, the layover and the last flight to land in Budapest, we were spent and our jet lag was starting to kick in. Despite it all, it didn’t dim our excitement. We were anxious to explore Budapest […]

Being the second smallest continent, Europe has some advantages when it comes to travel, and with Russia itself comprising a whopping 40% of that entire area, the majority of the countries occupy a relatively small amount of space. For those who are looking to explore an entire country, or several in one shot, this makes […]