[no_toc] Oh Japan. We’ve already put together a video of some of our best moments in Japan and talked about why we love the country so much (we even talked about the one thing we didn’t like), but we haven’t yet touched on a subject that made us alternately thankful for the ingenuity, laugh out […]

What’s the first thing that comes to mind?when someone mentions Japan??Kimonos? Sushi? Samurais??Yes, those are some stereotypical aspects of Japanese culture, and we did find them in our journey through?Japan, sometimes in abundance, but what we also found was a country and culture of incredible depths reaching far beyond what people typically see. For us, […]

Macrae’s last visit to Japan included a layover in Tokyo (Narita Airport)?on his way back to Canada. The same day he was leaving, he found out his best friend had passed away. Across the country, with a long flight back and hours before he boarded, he ventured out into Narita to clear his head. While […]

Sitting in the small restaurant, listening to American oldies and waiting for our order we had no idea of the impending attack. Slowly, the haze permeated the room and drifted closer to us, burning our eyes and clogging our throats. Looking around however, we saw no signs that anyone else was being affected. The laughter […]

Traveling The world Helps You Make New Friends Since we started our full-time travels, we’ve met so many amazing people. On our first day in Beijing, we made an instant friend – yes we’re talking about you Emily – and since then we’ve acquired a travel family, the Wagoners, a Thai family through Airbnb, a Taiwanese-Serbian family through […]

Okinawa is a Japanese paradise with its beautiful white sand beaches and crystal clear water. But with a heavy American military presence, its war-torn past isn?t easy to forget and the many monuments and memorials stand testament to the Okinawan peoples? struggles throughout recent history. Not only was Okinawa the only part of Japan to […]