By Angela Sibal of Foodicles What is Filipino Cuisine? Filipino cuisine is as diverse as its thousands of islands. Dishes vary from region to region with influences from almost everywhere in the world as a result of the country?s deep history of colonization. You can taste Spanish, Chinese, Indian, British, American, Malay, Portuguese, African, and […]

By?Rocio and Julian To start off with, El Nido is a small municipality located in the northern part of the province and island of Palawan, roughly 400 kilometers away from the capital city of Manila in the Philippines. It is a protected conservation area due to its recognized ecological, natural and cultural values. It?is also […]

We walk at length through the mayhem that is Boracay beach on our way through station 2 and into station 3, moving through the crowds and?activity while?surrounded by noise and music. As we get deeper into station 3 however, the crowds start?to dwindle. The music becomes a distant beat of bass and the sound of […]

The black wrought-iron gates of the?nondescript entrance opened to reveal the long driveway and lush green interior of the grounds. Our Uber car slowly made it’s way past dark-paneled colonial style buildings with white-trimmed windows towards the main building of the property. As we exited and grabbed our luggage, the trickling of the fountain and […]

As the doors opened, the smell of incense, the sound of gentle music and the sight of?colourful flower petals elegantly strewn were the first to reach our senses. Stepping into the?villa was like entering a tropical paradise?with the?beautiful canopy bed with artfully placed petals atop the white linens, the warm wood decor and the trail […]

[no_toc] The Nobu Manila… Golden window-panel covered buildings stood like gleaming mirages reflecting the busy city beyond, withholding the secrets within. A city within a city. We knew there was something special about it when we first passed by, one of the most identifiable of the hotels in Manila, Philippines, though we hadn’t yet had […]

[no_toc] Located in the heart of Cebu City, tucked away off the busy streets, sits a boutique hotel where art and style meets comfort and hospitality; where quirky signage, unique decor and friendly smiles greet you upon entering. Truly a Hotel “Like No Other” We landed in Cebu City, unsure of what to expect after […]