Koh Matsum, or Madsum as it is sometimes spelled, is one of?several smaller islands located a short distance South of?Koh Samui, Thailand.?In addition to Koh Matsum, the other islands include?Koh Tan, known for snorkeling,?and 5 smaller islands, Koh Si Koh Ha (translated to four islands, five islands). While all of these islands are partially inhabited […]

Fusion of flavor served in a fusion of style   Bangkok is a city full of restaurants.?Currently there are 7,946 restaurants listed on TripAdvisor,?not to mention?the local establishments devoid of any online presence. It can be tricky to navigate through the maze of dining options to find one that really stands out among the rest […]

Making our way from Chiang Mai to Pai on a 125cc scooter was not an easy drive, but it was one of our favourite road trips of all time. You can read about how we conquered all 762 turns up highway 1095 from Chiang Mai to Pai, but if you’re looking to get to Pai […]

Making our way by scooter to Pai, Thailand   We started out later than we had planned, as is our usual custom, and had our bags packed, our scooter fueled and our kickstand lifted by 11:01am. We were going to make the long drive from Chiang Mai to Pai and conquer all 762 winding, hairpin, […]

  We heard mixed reviews about Bangkok before getting here. Few said they loved it; many said to get out as soon as we could. Macrae, having already been to this city, hadn’t been left with any strong?urges to go back.?During our stay here,?though short, we’ve grown a little fond of this massive city. Perhaps […]

Pulling up through the gate to the Swiss-Lanna Lodge in Chiang Mai, we parked our bike and had just started to take off our helmets when we heard, from somewhere through the doorway of the dark wood house, ?Sawadee Kah!? (hello in Thai). When we first saw Miss Toto, our host, she smiled and welcomed […]

Cruising Down The Ping River We woke up to the sound of our alarm at 9:30am and were about to hit the snooze button, again, for probably the tenth time when we realized what we were doing and set off into a panic. We had made arrangements to meet with a family of travel bloggers, […]

Discovering Chiang Mai – A Tour of Ancient Ruins We decided to extend our stay in?Chiang Mai an extra day before heading to Pai. ?We had met up with an old friend of Macrae’s who was in Thailand for a week with some friends the night before and were invited to join them to watch […]

There’s Beauty and Adventure in Chiang Mai?For Free We’ve been on what you might call a shoestring budget. Sure we want to see all that we can, and often times you have to pay in order to do it, but with trying to maintain a strict budget, we sometimes have to forgo some of the […]