Typically, couples are brought together, and kept strong, by similar likes and goals.? Couples connect over the love of certain sports, playing video games,?do-it-yourself projects, etc. For us, travelling?is our biggest common interest.?Like many people however,?our trips have been limited to vacations taken off work and the odd long weekend -?but we always long for more. After being together for almost two years, we?ve come to the realization that for both of us, travelling isn?t just a hobby? it?s a passion.

Neither of us envision? buying?a house?or having?kids?right now?and while many of our friends are making big decisions for just that lifestyle, we are taking big steps ourselves.??We’ve made?the decision to?fully?embrace our lives as, what we define to be, “a modern couple” and?step outside the conventional. More and more couples are delaying making major life decisions like buying?a house and having kids.? More and more?people?are defining themselves as the modern couple.

Focusing our?energy on?web-based business ventures, we plan to travel?and?immerse ourselves in different cultures, meet different people, try different?foods and experience new ways of thinking and living.? And we plan to document this lifestyle here.

While we are taking the steps we need to make this plan a reality, we will still be writing about our lives as “one modern couple” and what this lifestyle really means.? Whether travelling the world or staying in one place, the concept of this?lifestyle remains the same: live life without limits, enjoy life’s simple pleasures?and have no regrets

And so, the journey begins…