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By Dave Brett of Travel Dave UK

When it comes to the Nordics, normally ‘affordable’ is not a word you would associate with this unique area of the world.

However, Finland is the most affordable destination within this region that still packs a mighty punch for your hard earned buck.

Did you know that Finland has a national law called okamiehenoikeus (The Everyman’s right), which states that you’re free to camp anywhere on public land in Finland for free?

Finland Hammock

Simply pack a tent and a sleeping bag and you’re free to roam! Of course, this will limit you to travelling during the Summer months as Winter conditions in Finland can be harsh.

This is what first attracted me to visiting Finland. I’ve always been a big fan of the great outdoors and Finland has so much to offer in terms of huge contrasts between the seasons.

It’s not that difficult to reach the outdoors in Finland. The country is covered by thousands of lakes, millions of trees and endless amounts of archipelago islands.

finland views

It can be harsh in the winter reaching extreme minus temperatures, but the summer can offer so many hiking trail opportunities that are?not to be missed.

Along many hiking trails you can find free public cabins to sleep in for the night, some ask for a small cleaning fee donation, but never too much.

finland cabins

The best part of Finland is the true beauty of Finnish nature and you can visit many national parks that offer free hiking trails.

One great national park worth exploring, and only a short drive away from Finland’s capital Helsinki, is the Nuuksio National Park located close to Espoo, Finland’s second biggest city.

If you fancy something a little bit different, head into Finland’s bear country, Ruka, Kuusamo. Located close to the border of Lapland, it?offers stunning Finnish lakes and hiking trails such as Oulanka National Park, which will take your breath away.

You can also go off hiking in Finland’s Lapland region. One great trail is in Pallas-Yll?stunturi National Park where you can find a wonderful selection of cabins to choose from and enjoy life without electricity while?really connecting with nature. The autumn time is truly stunning here when winter is coming and the colours start to change.

finland trails

Another incredible hiking trail to explore is the coastal paths close to Turku such as the Finnish Archipelago trail that offers free hiking or cycling trails around Finland’s thousands of small islands, all connected with local ferry boats.

Finland doesn’t have to be expensive if you plan on enjoying the stunning Finnish nature in the summertime.

Don’t let the winter put you off either! If you fancy something a little different,?Finland is magical across all four seasons as you can really notice a drastic change in climate here.

For a true winter adventure, head to the Koli National Park located in Northern Finnish Karelia. Here you can look over incredible winter snow plains, grab a snowmobile and go on safari over the frozen lakes and even try your luck at a spot of ice fishing.

finland lakes

And of course, most important, be sure to see if a local will adopt you for one evening and invite you to try a local Finnish sauna experience!

Finland has a sauna per every 5 residence, it’s simply a way of life in Finland and Finns couldn’t live without going to the sauna at least once a week.?The sauna has many Finnish traditions and that’s why it’s best to be adopted by a Finn who will happily run you through the whole relaxing ritual and make the experience more worthwhile.

finland free camping

Finland doesn’t have to be expensive when it offers incredible camping and beautiful nature all for free. No matter what the season, this country truly has it all when it comes to nature.

If you’re looking for an adventure, something unique and different like a relaxing nature experience, Finland is a dream destination which will offer a unique trip and allow you to reconnect and relax with nature.


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