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We?touched on three of the common questions we’ve received when describing our decision to travel full-time: “What about money?”, “So, you are quitting your job?”, and “What about your apartment and things?” There are two additional questions we seem to receive quite frequently as well and we will attempt to answer them now.

What about your relationship? Won’t it be a big stress?

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We certainly don’t have all the answers and we definitely can’t see into the future but what we do know is that every stage of this process has been something we’ve done together and has enabled us to spend time growing closer and strengthening our relationship. Our passion for travel is something we have shared all along and building the blog started as a hobby building websites together. With that in mind, we both hope and feel that the rest of our ventures and travels will continue to follow in that vein and will serve to strengthen us as a couple.

Having said that, we know that for a relationship to work you have to put work into it. Both of us will have to put in the effort. Staying in love and making a relationship work doesn’t happen through magic no matter where you are or what you are doing, and we both acknowledge that fact. Yes, we are stirring the pot up a bit?by putting ourselves in a position where we will face obstacles and challenges that we will have to work out together but we believe that this will only lead us to grow stronger.

What about your family?

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In our post Living Life Without Limits ? Packing Up, Selling Off and Heading Out, we touch on?the fact that it’s tough to leave family and friends but that it helps to have multiple forms of communication available no matter where we are. ?It does help to know we will be able to talk to our loved ones in some form, but it in no way replaces?real interaction, so of course we will miss them terribly and we will think of them often, but we know this is something we need to do to fulfill our lives as individuals and as a couple.

Many of our friends and family don’t want us to leave but they are supportive nonetheless, and we are grateful for that. It’s never easy being apart from those you care about but as time goes on we believe we will learn to maximize the quality of our time when we are together and take advantage of every opportunity we can to call, email, Skype, and the like, while we are away.


We posed?all of these questions, and more,?to ourselves while we were making our plans and?hope that after these two posts we have given a good idea of how we finally arrived?at?our decision and?shown that what?we are doing involves a lot more thought, discussion and effort than just deciding to “pack up and go”.

Comment below and let us know what would be the hardest thing, for you, about packing up and leaving.


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  1. brian and trish mcalpine
    brian and trish mcalpine says:

    We hope you find the things that you are looking for. Have fun, learn, enjoy and by all means stay safe. Our thoughts and prayers go with you.
    Love to you both Brian and Trish

  2. Margie Grier
    Margie Grier says:

    I’m in awe of this massive “life experience experiment” that you have undertaken! I wish you well, and hope that it is everything and more than you expect. I look forward to watching/reading all about it. Cheers!
    (I will live vicariously through you as I have no desire to travel the world but relish hearing the stories and seeing the pictures of other people).

  3. says:

    I am very happy for both of you, keep the good work and keep in touch.
    All the best and thinking of you both.
    Chantal Anderson :)


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