Why You're Too Young For A Viking River Cruise

When we initially?announced we were going on our first Viking River Cruise, amidst the excited questions and responses, we also got a lot of curious people wanting us to scout the trip for them and let them know if “they were too young for a Viking River Cruise” and if it was okay that they were not “in the demographic” considered typical of passengers. Getting ready for our second cruise, we’re getting more of the same questions. Now, we’re not going to define what is meant by “too young” as the people who asked the questions were of a HUGE range of ages and it seems that there is almost always an older generation with a different opinion on what is considered ‘young’. So instead, if you’ve ever asked “am I too young for a Viking River Cruise?” the answer we’re going to give you is…


And here are the reasons why.

Viking River Cruise Ship on the danube

Young People Don?t Like Luxury

Luxury? Who wants that? We all know that ‘young people’ don’t want to be comfortable when they travel. Give them hard-as-cement beds, paper-thin pillows, and dismal service. Luxury isn’t a term for the younger generations, whatever age that may be, and when you’re on a Viking River Cruise, you’re guaranteed to experience a great level of luxury food, service and accommodation.

Viking River Cruises promotes excellent service and perfection in everything they do. From their 5 star level dining experiences, incorporating much of the regional cuisine, to their stellar service on board and off, the cruises allow for a level of comfort and quality that can only be classified as luxurious.

Think soft, comfortable beds and linens, heated bathroom floors (perfect during winter cruises), daily room service and turn-down service, self-serve refreshments at any hour, and waiters that come to know you and your needs whenever you head to the dining room for a meal.

So, if you’re ‘young’, this probably doesn’t sound like something you’d like at all.

View Over Budapest Hungary

Young People Don?t Like Choices

Every morning you have way too many choices to make for it to be enjoyable for a young person. You’ve got to choose what you’re going to order for breakfast, lunch and dinner, whether you want to have a relaxed meal?in the upstairs lounge or a sit-down meal?in the dining room. Then, you have to choose whether you want to go on one of the many guided tours or?walk the town yourself and if neither of those float your boat (see what we did there?) you have to choose whether you just want to stay on board and spend?the day relaxing, dining on more luxury cuisine and enjoying the view of the shoreline.

Who would want to be able?to choose what to do with your day in incredible destinations and have?a selection of amazing food to decide from, meal after meal? Certainly not young people!

Viking River Cruise food beef wellington

Young People Aren?t That Into Gourmet Food

In our opinion, Viking cooks up some of the meanest meals we?ve ever eaten. Let?s start with breakfast. Entering into the dining room, you choose your seat and can head over to the buffet that offers things like eggs anyway you want, hot and cold cereals, breads and toasts, yogurts, sausages and bacon, and much more…?but it doesn?t stop there. There’s also a special menu where you can order eggs Benedict, pancakes, French toast, hash browns, or all of the above on one plate. Seriously, ordering?whatever combination of whatever you want on the menu is basically a rule.

Lunch is served buffet style in the upstairs terrace, a more casual experience and lighter selection. In the dining room, a buffet of salads and pastas is set up with a menu to order from for starters, mains and desserts and often incorporates dishes and ingredients from the area you are sailing in that day.

Viking River Cruise Dessert

Dinner again offers you an option (more of those dreaded choices!) to dine upstairs on the terrace or more formally in the dining room, though there are no formal nights. The bulk of the menu changes each day – offering different starters, mains, desserts and cheese plates – again, incorporating the local cuisine. There is also an ‘Always Available’ section which allows you to default to some simpler, well-known meals such as salmon, chicken breast or New York Steak (if you can call those simpler!). There are also paired wines chosen for each of the day’s menu, again usually drawing from the region to really bring together the experience.

For young people, this is torture: meal after meal to choose from some of the most gourmet foods?and dishes imaginable, executed to perfection, served fresh and customized depending on your restrictions and preferences.

Cathedral Europe

Young People Don?t Like To Be In A New Place Everyday

If you’re on a Viking River Cruise, you’re going to be seeing several different ports in one trip. In fact, chances are you’re going to wake up almost every morning in a new town or city, sleeping peacefully as the ship cruises through the night eliminating any of the hardships travel days usually bear.

It’s probably going to really annoy you to get to see so much in the span of your trip. Most likely, having the trials and tribulations of catching your plane, train or bus removed from your travels will be unbearable. Not having to pack up to head out, search out your accommodation and unpack what you need, only to start all over again, will really put a damper on a young persons trip. Believe us when we tell you, you are too young for a Viking River Cruise.

Viking River Cruise Stateroom

Young People Would Rather Carry Their Luggage With Them From Town to Town

You’re definitely too young for a Viking River Cruise if the thought of having all of your belongings, plus accommodations, follow you as you explore and travel. Ridiculous, right? Who wants to unpack once and relax as you’re taken from town to town, city to city to see the sights and fully immerse yourself in the destination. Who wants to venture off into a new place without the burden of their heavy bags or oversized wheeled luggage and?to find their accommodation has headed along the river with them to pick them up where they left off for the day?

We didn’t know what it was like to walk unfettered, without the weight of our bags or without the stress of locating a new hotel as we travelled to a new destination. When we went on our first cruise with Viking, we realized the amazing freedom and comfort of being able to do just that… but that’s probably not really for young people.

Viking River Cruise ship on the danube

Young People Don?t Like Trying New Things

Our experience with Viking was like nothing else we had known?in the past. A different style of travel, a different type of immersion into the culture of each of our destinations and a lot less stress involved in the planning as, from meals to exploring, much of the details were already dealt with.

But young people don’t like to try new things or find a new?way of travel. Sticking to the status quo is the motto of younger generations, staying within their comfort zone is what they do best.

Budapest Chain Bridge

Young People Don?t Like Breathtaking Views

More likely to have their?eyes on their?phone scrolling through their?Facebook feed then looking out into the world, young people would rather comment on an incredible Instagram photo then see a breathtaking view right in front of them or take that Instagram-worthy photo themselves.

Cruising on a river offers a unique advantage over other forms of transportation and other kinds of trips: stunning views of the shore almost all day, everyday. On top of that, there are a variety of ways to observe all that scenery – from your veranda if you have booked a stateroom with one, while seated in the terrace overlooking the front of the ship, or on the top deck where you’ll have a choice of which direction to look and an overall panoramic view.

Too Young For A Viking River Cruise

Too Young For A Viking River Cruise?

So there you have it. Our answer to all who want to know if they are too young for a Viking River Cruise. You probably are – ?if that’s your mindset.

River cruises are cultural, experiential, educational and scenic. Enjoy the ride, take in the surroundings, learn about the countries you are visiting – from history to local life, food to language -?and experience the destinations in a thoughtful way.

You can enjoy the cruise down the river, admiring?the views along the shore, educating yourself in the local culture at each port and experiencing five star dining and service.

Sure, there’s an older crowd and the “demographic” is directed to that age group, but that’s not to say there’s any one age that’s more suited for a Viking River Cruise. The people on board are welcoming, no matter their age, and the experience on the ship and off are directed towards a variety of age groups and interests. When we cruised with Viking last, there was a range of ages from 13 to, well, older, and every person on the ship looked like they were having a great time.

We had tons of fun engaging in conversation with fellow passengers and making friends over meals. There were always people to talk to, eager to participate in the on board activities and to share a meal with if we were looking for some additional company. Age really failed to matter in any way.

If you want our real answer to whether you’re too young for a Viking River Cruise it is this:

River cruising is about attitude… not age.

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36 replies
  1. Joy @MyTravelingJoys
    Joy @MyTravelingJoys says:

    I’ve looked at the Viking Cruises a few times…just seemed like a lot of money upfront for a trip since we’re more the DIY types. The Danube appealed to us. However, the ease of it all might be a welcome change from our normal trips. And yes, at 40 now, I also wondered if we might be “too young” for this cruise as well, but we enjoy all the things you mentioned above! ;) And we’re certainly past the point of sleeping on cement-hard pillows anyway.
    Joy @MyTravelingJoys recently posted…Walking Through the Tree Tops Along the Great Ocean RoadMy Profile

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Viking definitely makes it easy! and yes the price is high but if you can afford it, you won’t be disappointed :) we actually wrote this article for the 40-50 year olds because those were the people who asked us if they were too young to go on a cruise, and we just want to tell you guys that you’re not too young :)

      • franz chong
        franz chong says:

        i happen to be in that age bracket and this kind of cruise would suit me nicely.a bit on the expensive side for me currently but would be happy to.suits those of us not into mega ships too and want a change from mostly new zealand or south pacific cruising if from australia but are not quite ready for asia.

  2. Arnie Jacobsen
    Arnie Jacobsen says:

    Even we old folks have a hard time imagining going on one of these cruises. No matter how many times we hear awesome things about one of these trips, we always talk ourselves out of it. I guess we’ll just have to hope that Viking will invite us along.
    Arnie Jacobsen recently posted…Chic Cotton Sail Hotel ReviewMy Profile

  3. Ben Zabulis
    Ben Zabulis says:

    Great article, reckon you’re spot on with all those headings. Must admit though it’s nice to fluctuate between luxury and basics, I think it helps you appreciate the luxury a bit more ! We moved to Hong Kong last year aboard a cruise ship and just last week had a basic journey by train to Beijing – all good stuff ! Happy travels !

  4. Ben Zabulis
    Ben Zabulis says:

    I agree with all you say though I guess it’s also good to fluctuate between luxury and basics occasionally, I suppose we appreciate the luxury much more after roughing it a bit ! You’re spot on in essence though, it’s not really where you go that matters, it’s how you do it ! Happy travels !

  5. Ali
    Ali says:

    Definitely made me chuckle a little! My husband and I have been talking about taking a Viking river cruise one of these days because they do look like a lot of fun, and I like that it’s smaller than a huge ocean-liner cruise. And as much as I don’t like being in a new city every day (because there’s too much to see for just one day) I do think cruises like this are a great way to get a glimpse of a city and decide if you want to take a longer trip there in the future.
    Ali recently posted…Which Food Tour in Rome Should You Take?My Profile

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Exactly! we see these cruises as a scouting opportunity where you see some of the cities and the ones you like you come back to for more. You’ve also got to remember the boat is also a destination, from the service to the food and the people you meet on the boat is totally part of the experience. We haven’t met anyone (young or old) that hasn’t enjoyed Viking.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      That’s so exciting! If you love luxury and gourmet food you’ll most likely love Viking! They have some amazing itineraries as well and it’s pretty great for multi-generational travel! Have fun!!

  6. Karen McGowan
    Karen McGowan says:

    We’ve thought of going on a Viking Cruise – and may do it within the next year or 2, even though we’re not so young – but young at heart! We don’t need the top luxury they offer, but love the river cruising – seeing continuous sights; rather than the ocean sort, where they keep you away from ports for some time, to spend $$$ on the ship. Rollin’ on the river – that’s what we prefer! Whatever cruise line it may be, we’ll actually investigate all of them before we choose. We want the best value for our bucks is all. Thanks for your great review!!

  7. Tracy James
    Tracy James says:

    We are in our mid-40s and currently on our second Viking Cruise….I’m writing this from Prague! I couldn’t agree more with your post. And while we, too, have found fellow travelers to be quite pleasant, I do wish more people around our age would try it out! Interestingly, on this cruise there is a multi-generational family. Grandparents, their kids, and then the grandkids (who look to be around 11-12). I hope more young people will discover what you age I already know – that river cruising can be fabulous!

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much for your post. I’m turning 30 next year and my husband and I really want to go on a Viking River Cruise. It’s just such a unique way to see a lot of Europe in a short period of time without having to cart your luggage around to a new city every few days on your own. We did that type of trip 2 years ago and it was great, but one day we sat on the banks of the Rhein watching the river cruises go by and we just kept saying, “that looks so cool.” I was reluctant because I had heard of the “target demographic” but it just look so fun and like such a great way to spend my birthday! I think we are 100% on board now thanks to your article :)

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      You’re so welcome! we really hope you enjoy the trip. They definitely have a target demographic but that doesn’t mean that you won’t have fun… we certainly had fun, one of our favorite parts of the trip was having breakfast, lunch and dinner with different people and getting to know them, no matter how old they were.

  9. Alex
    Alex says:

    how much did they pay you to write this article?

    you’re being ridiculous. the most hardcore ” young people ‘ travellers I know are all about variety, choices, and food. isn’t that what the epitome of that 45L osprey – touting, hostel staying, 25yrold is? skimp on the luxury so you have time/money to spend on the experience?

    what are you on about, saying that staying on a cruise with a predetermined path, predetermined sights, predetermined experience is MORE choice than a path where one can choose to stay X days in this city then use their eurail pass to go whatever the hell they want, whenever they want, and eat and hang with whoever they want.

    smh, you sellout.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      Think you’re over analyzing this whole post, it was supposed to be fun and a bit sarcastic. We wrote this because people think that river cruises are only for “old” people and we’re saying it’s not! thanks for being so passionate though!

  10. Katie
    Katie says:

    I would just like to say that I am 29, and will be 30 by the time I take my first ever Euro-trip, which happens to be the Viking “Rhine Getaway” that I just booked. I know that the majority of people on board are the older crowd (I, myself, am traveling with my grandmother and two great aunts), but that didn’t discourage me at all. I am not well traveled at all, and part of what has held me back has been not knowing what the heck I’m doing. I traveled to Cancun, Mexico once, during college spring break… which does not count as international travel to me. The cruise route takes care of that for you, plus you get to live in luxury for a week, and also have the option of doing your own thing, so long as you don’t miss the boat! I plan on doing this to ease me into international travel. I will probably only be able to afford it once (at least for a long time) as they are expensive, however I think it’s going to be totally worth it and will most likely be confident enough to travel on my own after this. I say if you have the money and time, do it!! You’ll always say, “Wonder if it’s worth it / If I’ll like it?” until you try it! We also got a GREAT deal 2 for 1 pricing that included extremely cheap airfair! I did the math, and doing the same trip on my own would be only maybe SLIGHTLY less, and I’d probably be stressed out the whole time.

    • onemoderncouple
      onemoderncouple says:

      That’s fantastic!! We completely agree and absolutely loved every moment we’ve spent onboard (and while exploring) a Viking River Cruise! Let us know how it goes and what the highlights were for you :)

  11. Sam
    Sam says:

    We have done 2 Viking cruises and planned, paid for a 3rd. We went on another cruise line and every thing they offered was at a cost. Upgrade restaurants, they pushed buying things from them. The Viking staff are excellant,well traind,polite and the greatest.

  12. Robin Falzone
    Robin Falzone says:

    Thank you so much for this article as I was just about to cancel a trip that I haven’t even booked yet. Age is a state of mind and though I am only a young 57….I say bring on the wisdom of the older passengers.

  13. david
    david says:

    This article was sarcastic and didn’t address the context of the question. I live blocks from the starting point of a viking cruise. Its an older crowd. Its not a party crowd. It the kind of crowd that doesn’t go off alone in European cities and party. Its not marketed to not good for the sophisticated independent traveler or younger people. That said I don’t question for a second the quality. If your in your 20s and want to see Europe, take the train or get a car.

  14. Pennmom
    Pennmom says:

    We’re leaving on our 3rd one in 5 years today. To us, it’s such a relaxed, refined way to travel. There are people in age ranging from their 20 to 70’s on board. All sharing in the most luxurious amenities ever. When you catch the 2 for 1 sale the price is comparable to cheaper cruise lines. But I couldn’t say it better than you on all the upgrades you receive no matter where your cabin is. Don’t shy away from the E and F cabins as you are never inside them except to s;eep.


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